How To Permanently Get Rid Of Unwanted Dark Spots

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In today’s day and age we have all sorts of makeup and technology to help us hide those flaws we’re embarrassed about. Concealers, foundations, BB creams - a quick walk down the beauty aisle and you’ll see how much time, money and effort has been invested by big beauty brands to help us conceal these spots. There is no denying the immense power these products have in helping our faces transform to flaunt flawlessness however, a gentle reminder everyone needs is that a constant dependance on such products should be discouraged - the ultimate goal is to have a clean, natural and healthy complexion. Use the following skin care tips and tricks to ace a #NoMakeUp selfie!

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If you’ve dealt with blemish prone skin all your life, it may be because you’re armouring it with incorrect protection. To protect your sensitive skin from ageing spots, sun spots or dark spots you need to ensure that you’re using the right products in your daily beauty regime. First and foremost never ever leave your house without proper sunscreen protection, if you tent to forget about this essential step then you need to add a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic’s Satin Protection Sun Lotion Mini Bottle £3.49 to your handbag. Its travel sized packaging will help it find a spot in your handbag and provide your skin 30SPF making it the perfect win-win situation.

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Next, if you’re noticing more and more spots cropping up it might be time to shake up your skin care game. One product we can’t get enough of is Dr. Hauschka’s Clarifying Day Oil as it helps calm and balance oily skin, leaving your complexion looking even-toned and gorgeous. It contains natural ingredients that help reduce excessive oiliness, refines pores and reduces blemishes. Every morning after your shower, apply this fast-absorbing daily moisturiser and you’ll notice its soothing effect almost instantly. Another product that fights relentlessly against unwanted spots is Dermalogica’s Concealing Spot Treatment £25.75. This intensive treatment has been specially formulated to quickly target, conceal and help clear breakouts - a dream product for anyone prone to dealing with sudden breakouts.

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Just like you do crunches (in an attempt) to tone up your abs, a toner is meant to keep your facial skin tight. To put it simply, a toner helps balance out your skin, gets rid of oily residue and leaves a layer of protective benefits on your face. A product that deserves a moment in the spotlight is Murad’s Blemish Control Clarifying Toner £19.50 as it contains a crisp formula that helps remove impurities from oily skin without irritation and tightens pores without dehydrating.

Like we’ve always said it’s not about completely changing your lifestyle to achieve the goal of a flawless complexion, it’s about finding yourself the skin care ritual and products that suit your skin. If you’re in pursuit of a flawless complexion use this guide and start incorporating these skin care tips and tricks into your daily routine and you're sure to notice a difference within days!

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