How To Treat Eczema Flare Ups FAST

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Whether you're a mild or a severe sufferer it goes without saying that living with eczema isn’t the easiest experience, but one thing which can help is finding the right regime that works for you and most importantly helps to keep your eczema under control.

In time for National Eczema Week (16th - 24th September) we've cut through the eczema curing claims and beauty jargon to bring you our very own line up of the 5 best products that will help ease your eczema from head to toe.

Green People

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If your scalp is where your eczema affects you the most you need to try Green People's scalp friendly Moisturising Shampoo, £13. Suitable for those with thick, dry or even curly hair, this shampoo contains scalp soothing properties of organic aloe vera, vitamin B and chamomile which help t gently revive, detangle and moisturise hair.


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Cetraben's timeless Protective Cream, from £4.99 has got to be the ultimate eczema friendly moisturiser which never fails to get to work where irritated skin is concerned. Enriched with Glycerin it helps to support skin moisture levels and relive itching in a matter of minutes.

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Balance Me

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Finding the right body wash to cleanse, nourish and calm your eczema can sometimes be a little on the tricky side if your skin is prone to flaring up to body washes quicker than you can say irritation. Try opting for a natural body wash formula if this is the case, we love Balance Me's Super Moisturising Body Wash, £13.50 which is perfect for those with eczema or very dry skin.


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Depending on where your eczema is you may be able to disguise it, but if you're suffering with eczema on your face this can be a completely different story especially when it comes to makeup choices. Mineral makeup is a great way to go if you're looking for something that's specifically tailored for eczema and won't irritate your skin Antipodes Mineral Foundation, £13.50 is a firm favourite of ours.

Paula's Choice

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Paula's Choice are certainly in league doing when it comes to handling problematic skin and thankfully easing eczema has been added to their long list of talents. If you're looking for a new moisturiser that will help to reduce redness, irritation, sensitivity and all other eczema associated flare ups, look no further than Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturiser, £27 which contains powerful blend of soothing agents, emollients and antioxidants to strengthen the skin and guide it on its way to a more comfortable state. P.S did we mention it was fragrance free too?!

Finding the right products to treat your eczema couldn't be easier. Try taking our beauty quiz which will take all the guess work out for you and provide you with free, unbiased, personalised recommendations.