How Your Climate Affects Your Appearance (And How to Fix It!)

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Have you moved to a new area and are suddenly dealing with issues you never had problems with before, like dry skin, brittle hair, or clogged pores? Have you ever thought it may be your new climate? Take a look at the problems that can arise based on your location. If you are holidaying in any of these spots, whether skiing, sunbathing, or exploring the sights, these tips will help you prepare for your journey, and help you decide what to pack!

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City Climates

Are you thinking of taking a city break? Or are you currently a hot child in the city? If you are, you’ll know better than anyone that pollution is all around us. Cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, smog, and more all affect the way skin cells function. Pollution cause deterioration of the skin’s supporting structures and decrease collagen production. Along with this, it can increase the ageing process and interfere with the skins natural ability to maintain moisture levels. This means that it can become dry and scaly, causing pores to close and acne to appear. The good news is that all these nasties can be fought. Skin care products high in antioxidants will help skin to heal itself. Be sure to use an exfoliating cleanser, like Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. Use a face brush if you have one to scrub off invisible pollutants.

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Chilly Climates

Skin becomes fragile and sensitive in colder temperatures, causing it to lose moisture. Frigid air and wind can cause skin’s blood circulation to slow down. As the cells get less oxygen, skin can develop a rough texture and begin to flake. What’s more, if you are in outside skiing or snowboarding, then go inside a warm house, the temperature change can aggravate skin, causing red spots or even broken capillaries. Be sure to use a high quality moisturiser, preferably one with sunblock in it. Any sun will reflect harshly off of snow, threatening sunburn. Try Olay Complete 3 in 1 Moisturiser Day Cream. It has Spf 15 and is non-greasy.

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Beachy Climates

Contrary to popular belief, the cold isn’t what harms the hair most, its the heat. Sunshine tends to dehydrate the hair, and sweat can cause it to lose its oily coating, which is what protects the hair and makes it shiny. Ultraviolet rays cause hair cuticles to change, making the surface prone to damage. If you’re taking a beach holiday, or staying in a seaside village, the salty air can have an effect on your locks as well. Saltwater dips in the ocean or sea, while making hair wavy, will dry it out. Swimming in a pool with chlorine is also destructive, as it slows down hair growth and can discolour it. All in all, a hot climate or long Summer vacay can result in split ends, frizzy hair, and loss of volume. Use a special sunblock for hair to combat against damage. After a day in the sun, treat your hair to a hydrating mask to help it regain moisture. Phyto Plage L’originale Protective Sun Oil restores hair that has been weakened by sun exposure, chlorine, wind and salt.

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Hard Water Climates

San Diego, London, and many other places all use hard water, which contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which can dry and harden on the skin. When minerals dry on the skin, they can cause clogged pores, flaking, and itching. Combat this problem by using seltzer water once a week to rinse away build up in the hair and face. This will also control any itchy scalp problems. If you're travelling to this climate, bring along your own pillowcase and a hand towel to dry your face. Hotel linens will have hard water buildup, which can clog pores.

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Humid Climates

A bit of humidity can keep skin soft and moisturised, but a lot of humidity can give you a sweaty, shiny complexion and lead to breakouts. Interestingly enough, you don’t sweat much more than normal in high humidity. Instead, sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly off of the skin, and instead hangs around to block pores. Cleansers with salicylic acids will keep pores clear and help to prevent future breakouts. using a gel-based mattifying moisturiser will help combat oiliness while keeping skin hydrated. Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Gel Cream balances moistures and keeps oil at bay.