In The Spring Mood?

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 8 irresistible springtime manicures What better way to mark the arrival of spring than by decorating your nails. From floral designs to adorable animals, we have amazing nail inspiration for a spectrum of tastes.

Get ready to be the envy of all those around you!

Spring is all about delicate colours. Why not try an unconventional French manicure, replacing white tips with pastel tips? Add an edge to this look by applying a thin line of silver polish about a centemeter below the tip of the nail. For a slightly easier option, you can source a line-shaped nail decal. Finish the look off with a coat of clear polish, to add a lovely sheen. Pastel tips

This manicure is both sweet and quirky. Pick two contrasting pastel shades as base colours for each hand. Once painting your ring fingers in a solid white, use masking tape to create triangle stencils of various sizes, filling them in with different colours of your choice as you go. Et voilà!  Triangles

With spring comes the blossoming of many flowers. Have a go at this rose pattern against a beige base colour, for a gorgeous contrast. The beauty of this manicure is that there does not need to be any accurate precision: simply create the roses by dabbing the polish onto surface of your nail, with the tip of a small paint brush. Once the ‘blotches’ are dry, use a toothpick to create the textured lines inside. Easy!  Roses

This manicure caters to the inner-child in all of us. First, use a pastel yellow as a base colour and let it dry. Then, on your ring finger, take a toothpick and draw a zig-zag line across the nail, approximately ⅓ down. Carefully fill the top half of that space with a small paint brush dipped into white nail polish. Use another toothpick to accurately create those small black and orange circles, to complete the chick.  Baby chick

Looking for a more demure style? This floral tip manicure is both subtle and elegant. Use a pastel pink as your base coat, and a toothpick to create clustered dots for the floral effect; alternate between white and dark pink (for the petals), green (for the leaves) and black (for the vine).  Spring summit

A springtime manicure list would not be complete without the Easter Bunny. How witty and wonderful is this design? Don’t be put off by the seemingly intricate look of these nails, as they are actually very simple to achieve. You will need baby pink, baby blue, white and black nail polishes. Use a thin paint brush (with small bristles) to paint the outline of each animal, and fill in. Once dry, use a toothpick to decorate the facial features. Now you have the most delightful nails!  Bunny

This next look is ultra striking. Pick a pretty mint green as your base colour. You can choose to accent any one finger with two lines of gold nail sequins. To do this, place each sequin onto the nail as the mint green varnish is drying, using a small and agile nail tweezer. Once all sequins are in correct place, let them dry onto the coat. As soon as this is done, secure the sequins with at least two additional coats of clear nail polish.  Mint

Inspired by Cadbury’s infamous mini eggs, this manicure is both cute and sophisticated. Use various pastel colours (of your choice) as base colours, and top with a clear blue glitter nail polish. Alternatively, Models Own has an amazing ‘Speckled Egg Nail Polish’ range, with a variety of colours, perfect for this creating this look.  Speckled eggs