Is Semi-Permanent Makeup The Right Choice For You?

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This year I was fortunate enough to visit the award winning Sian Dellar in Harley Street to experience the wonder of semi-permanent makeup, a topic which previously I had known absolutely nothing about. Before my appointment I would never have dreamed of going forward with such a procedure but having seen the portfolio on Sian’s website, I knew I was making the right choice putting my face in her capable hands. Casting the awful photos of tattooed brows gone wrong to the back of my mind, I shrugged away my worries and headed down to visit her practice.

As I headed to number 1 Harley Street I knew that Sian’s practice was one held in high regard, with such a scenic and central location in one of the beauty capitals of the world. I was welcomed to her third floor office and greeted warmly by all members of staff, which was just as well as by this point I must confess I was starting to freak out a little. As I have previously experienced adverse reactions to hair dyes and pigments, Sian kindly agreed to do a patch test as, despite her never having seen a single allergic reaction in 6 years of applying semi-permanent makeup, it is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with your face. The patch test was applied and after 24 hours of no reactions (in all honesty I forgot the dye was even there) I headed back for my official brow day.

The Method

Most of the clients Sian sees for brow tattooing are there as a result of over-plucking, sadly due to thin brows being all the rage in the 90s many women tweezed away the majority of their brows which can often result in the hairs not growing back. Using the Micro Blading method, Sian delicately adds hypoallergenic pigments into the epidermis for a flawless and natural hint of colour. For women with particularly sparse brows a method called “Shadowing” is used to add some depth of colour and thickness. Fortunately I still have most of my eyebrows, although they have always been naturally thin, so I opted for the “Hairstroke” method which uses thin, singular lines to give brows a natural-looking body-boost.

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The Prep

Before any needles came out Sian took me through designing my new brows using a pencil. I knew this stage was extremely important to get right when, after drawing the “first draft” brows, Sian put the situation into context by saying “would you be happy waking up to those brows for the next few years?”. Semi-permanent makeup can last anywhere from 1-4 years depending on the person, so it was very much a “speak now or forever hold your peace” kind of moment. Thankfully being the brow guru she is, Sian was able to draw on the perfect, thicker brows to suit my face shape so it didn’t take long to reach perfection.

Sian had advised me to pick up some numbing cream from a pharmacy to help take the edge off the pain, but being my usual unprepared self I completely forgot. However despite this the pain from the needle was completely bearable, more of a mild irritation than actual pain which is surprising since I’m usually a bit of a baby with these things. The needle scratching lasted for about 45 minutes and before I knew it my new brows were in the building. Far from the bloody, sore mess I was expecting, my brows immediately looked clear, defined and completely natural. Happy as a clam I bid adieu to Sian and arranged my final, one month follow-up appointment. For optimum results, brows require two blasts of pigment before they’re finished as often after the first appointment the pigment can fade by up to 50%.

enter image description here Before & after following the first appointment & me looking smug on the stairwell with my new brows...

The Results

The aftercare was exceptionally low-maintenance, simply keep the brows dry for 1 week and apply coconut oil to keep the skin moisturised. My brows continued to look perfect for the next month and apart from some occasional tweezing, for the first time in ages I no longer had to put my brows on in the morning. I returned for my second appointment with Sian and after a brief 40 minute top up I was finished!

Depending on the person, semi-permanent brows can last anywhere up to 4 years and whilst the service might seem premium, in the long term that’s a saving of 1460 eyebrow applications (and if you’re as inconsistent at applying them as I am, that’s saving you a lot of stress, too). Considering it’s essentially like getting a tattoo on your face I was amazed by how mild the pain was and the whole process all the more reassuring as I knew Sian wouldn’t let me walk out the door with mad brows. After all, her clients essentially become a walking advert for the company, so she has no interest in creating anything less than perfection.

enter image description here My natural brows vs. the final result!

The benefit of semi-permanent makeup is that you can wake up everyday with expertly applied makeup already on and ready to go. The service is bespoke for every individual so it’s guaranteed that the makeup you leave with will be tailored to suit your individual look and preferences, whether it be wider eyes, deeper lips or more defined brows. Small and subtle changes can completely transform your appearance and with brows becoming a bigger part of women’s makeup routines, it takes one more stress out of your day knowing the job is already done, perfect for time poor women like myself.

enter image description here Semi-permanent lip and eye makeup from Sian’s clinic

But semi-permanent makeup doesn’t just mean brows, as Sian also provides this service for adding subtle hints of eye liner and lip colour too. Lips can be lined, blushed, given a full tint and even contoured to make them look fuller, plumper and give them a gorgeous colour - no lipstick required! For eyes a tint can be added to make your eyes look bigger and lashes look thicker, or a deeper pigment added to give you a permanently fixed eye liner look that’s perfect every day.

At My Beauty Matches we’re all about bespoke beauty, which is exactly why I love the semi-permanent makeup service Sian provides. Each consultation works to identify what the client wants, as well as what would look best for their look and the results, as shown on the website, are reliably beautiful. Whilst it might feel a bit scary taking the plunge into makeup that doesn’t wash off, once you experience what it’s like not to have to apply it everyday, it’s hard to consider going back.

If you’d like to find out more about the services Sian Dellar provides and her prices, click here.

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