Is This Treatment The Secret To Younger Skin?

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enter image description here Refreshed, younger looking skin has been craved by women since before the ice age. It’s the one look that’s sought after by everyday women and celebrities alike and we may have just found the secret to this lifelong dream.

Holding onto that youthful radiance without going under the knife has always been a worrying prospect and sometimes results can be difficult to see. Many rely upon traditional remedies such as relaxation and using good old SPF creams, but why not try a luxury treatment for a change?

Trying out the latest in facial technology has always been a difficult task (yes, pity us) and with a pretty saturated market it’s hard to know where to turn for your beauty products and treatments. I popped down to Shaftesbury Avenue’s The London Premier Laser Clinic to see if their facials were worth the £150 price tag.

The Skinbreeze Skin Rejuvenation facial promised instant results from one of the latest beauty trends so I put it to the test.The treatment is specifically designed to correct enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and texture and hyperpigmentation concerns .

Step one was the microdermabrasion. I was a bit apprehensive about being completely exfoliated by a machine, but this concern soon faded once I relaxed into the treatment. Having my dead skin cells scrubbed away was surprisingly soothing - admittedly I was left slightly pink after this step, but my face returned to normal shortly after. Panic over.

Step two was all about hydration and soothing, which almost sent me to sleep so it must be good. The antibacterial ozones and oxygen infusions were soaked up by my pores, improving my circulation and skin cell renewal. One look in the mirror and I felt like I’d knocked ten years off my age. The O3 Ozone therapy is intended to heal acne and blemishes with a warm sensation, perfect for a bit of skin tightening.

Then we moved onto my favourite part (step 3) of any beauty treatment ever. Feeling totally at ease and relaxed in the treatment room, I could not get enough of the cooling silicon mask. The calming silicon was left on for 10-30 minutes to absorb into the skin and target large pores. This mask is relaxation in a product. It carried a feeling like no other, being massaged in circular motions once applied, it was glorious. I was feeling plumped and, almost, ready to go.

Step 4 was luxury with a combination of therapeutic red and blue lights. I’ve never been a fan of this until now but it was great and did not put me on edge at all. From someone who’s scared of the dark, I should have known it would have been the thing for me from the off.

The finale was being misted with a hydrating air powered spray gun that felt nothing short of heavenly. And that’s that, I was ready to leave relaxed, hydrated and youthful. My miracle had been done.

Although not for sensitive skin, Skinbreeze is for all other skin types without resorting to surgery. Take the treatment home with you by purchasing these online beauty buys: Caci’s Amino Lift Peptide Complex from £44.95 to combat wrinkles and sagging skin or Skinbreeze’s Rejuvenation Serum from £40 at the salon. Alternative beauty steals online include Neutrogena’s Visibly Even range and YSL’s Or Rouge Crème Fine from £280.