Is Your Makeup Fake? - The Terrifying Truth

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Fake Makeup vs. Real

A national alert has recently gone out to all consumers of beauty products bought online. In a disgusting turn of events, it looks like fake makeup is being made and distributed in unhygienic squalor by criminal gangs in Eastern Europe and China. Your favourite products from MAC, Urban Decay, and Benefit are being “faked” and sold on eBay and Amazon. Even more disturbing, these counterfeit products have been tested and found to contain insane levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, human urine, and rat droppings. Anti-fraud police are urging customers to check they are purchasing the real deal when they shop online.

Dirty lab

It doesn’t stop there. Phoebe Farrelly thought everything was great when she unknowingly bought a fake GHD straightening iron from a legitimate looking website for just a little cheaper than what she would usually pay. The hair straightener blew up in her hand and burst into flames as she ran to unplug it. After calling GHD to complain, she found that the serial number was incorrect, and that the product was a fake.

Another woman was left fearing for her eyesight after she purchased makeup from an online company that turned out to be based in China. Buyers of fake beauty products risk severe allergic reactions, long-term health problems, and poisoning. Crazily, over the past 18 months, investigators have seized over 4,700 counterfeit versions of MAC makeup, which included bronzer, lip gloss, foundation, and eye shadow. Almost all high-end brands have been cooked up illegally, and as many as 5,500 sites have also been shut down.

fake mac makeup

The Home Office estimates that at least £90m is spent every year on fake goods in the UK, and it’s no surprise that the dupe business is so popular. With products getting more and more “real” looking every year, it can be difficult to distinguish what’s real and what’s not, which is why we’re here to help. If it’s suspiciously cheap, be wary, it may be a counterfeit product. Find out if the company has a returns policy or guarantee. This will help to legitimise their website. If the company has no contact details, apart from a shady PO Box or email, don’t buy from them. Last but not least, check the website is officially recognised at And if you want to be extra sure that what you’re buying is real, shop at!