How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Day Long

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Anyone who knows me knows that skin care is my first love and ultimately my number one rule when it comes to beauty, but with the repercussions from the warmer weather and a sugary summer impacted overindulgence now surfacing on my skin, I've found myself in need of a helping hand.

Switching up your skin care regime for the new year is a great way to take an in depth look at your skin and incorporate new products and techniques that you wouldn’t normally try for a more revolutionised routine.

As much as I'm a skin care advocate at heart, one thing I really lack in my regime is the use of a serum. Generally applied to clean skin directly or under the use of a moisturiser, serums are often overlooked as the middleman in skin care, when they can in fact be the difference between dull skin and securing a winning complexion.

With that in mind I've made the decision that this will be the year I finally get to grips with the use of a serum after years of avoiding them in my regime, but of course the key question is where do I start?

How Will Using A Serum Help My Skin?

The scientific elements behind a serum and the impact they can have on your skin when used correctly is something I've majorly underestimated in the past, just like a face oil or an exfoliator, serums have the ability to boost the condition of your skin to give the rest of your complexion a new lease of life.

One brand who have succeeded in converting me to a new way of thinking recently are BIO-EXTRACTS who offer 12 niche booster serums in their skin care range. Designed to target various concerns such as anti ageing, uneven skin tone, lack of radiance and dehydration, each of these innovative serums plays a part in maximising the potential of a moisturiser and supercharging the condition of your skin.

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What Makes BIO-EXTRACTS Serums Different?

The beauty with BIO-EXTRACTS serums are that they are 100% vegan and cruelty free and can each be mixed and matched to combat a combination of skin care concerns together, not to mention the packaging of the serums in the form of a syringe is totally innovative in itself. Best applied to clean skin on their own or mixed into a moisturiser if you're using more than 1 serum, these super power serums have the ability to take immediate action to the skin.

How Do I Know Which Serum Is Right For Me?

Take some time to define what you want to achieve from your skin, for many of us a sense of hydration will probably be at the top of our list following on from the intense summer weather which has certainly made its mark on our skin, however in a state of multiple skin care worries, we all know that one concern may not be our only skin care threat.

In an attempt to stick to my new year, new skin promise, I've been trialing two serums along with the Normal Moisturiser, £27 from BIO-EXTRACTS in a bid to rescue my Winter challenged skin. Focusing my attention mainly on hydration and radiance concerns I decided to incorporate the HA Hydro Boost, £19.50 and Glow Boost, £19.50 into my regime for a supercharged boost.

HA Hydro Boost

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As much as I try my best to guide my skin through the Winter season, the reality of the matter is my skin still suffers from an impact of dehydration, leading to a dry, moisture lacking, dull complexion. BIO-EXTRACTS HA Hydro Boost, £19.50 contains natural, botanical Hyaluronic Acid derived from Indian Senna and a revolutionary phospholipid based delivery system to infuse your skin with intense hydration, support the epidermal layer to protect against further moisture loss and aid cell regeneration for suppler skin.

Glow Boost

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Whilst the Summer season may still be a few months away a subtle glow wouldn't go a miss right now which is I why I've decided to also incorporate BIO-EXTRACTS's Glow Boost, £19.50 into my regime. In the form of a lightweight fragrance free serum, this glow enhancer helps to encourage a more radiant complexion for super lustrous skin that speaks for itself.

Normal Moisturiser

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Both of the BIO-EXTRACTS serums work well when applied to clean skin directly on their own or mixed in with a moisturiser. Personally if I'm combining 2 - 3 serums together I like to mix them in with BIO-EXTRACTS's Normal Moisturiser, £27. This divinely scented moisturiser locks in hydration and allows for deeper penetration of the boosters active ingredients for a winning complexion.