Super Easy Ways To Perfect The Cat Eye Makeup Look

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We understand that putting on your face can be a tediously long process. It all starts with prepping your facial skin with a dependable primer followed by applying an even base of foundation and concealer. Then you work on your eye makeup for 5-15 minutes, depending on the style, carefully blending the different shades of eyeshadows. After all this comes the tough part - drawing on the perfect eyeliner shape. The success of this step decides if you can go ahead and primp up your cheeks with a highlighter and blush or start your eye makeup from scratch. We can’t think of the number of times we've had to redo our eyes because we just couldn't manage to match the eyeliner shape on both eyelids. Yes, it is an infuriating process and like we said, no one understands this predicament more than we do. Hence we decided to take on the task of explaining easy makeup tricks and techniques that will make you a pro and ensure you never mess up your eye makeup ever again.

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Our first go-to trick is to use the back of a small plastic spoon as the guiding tool to draw on a feline flick. All you need to do is place the spoon at the same angle on both eyes and know exactly when to stop drawing. Mastering this art not only calls for a steady set of hands, but you need the right product which should include an accurate application pen tip with the perfectly formulated colour. A product that ticks all the right boxes is Armani’s Maestro Liquid Eye Liner £27.73 as it is a water-based liquid eyeliner that provides smooth and accurate application. You can create a striking look thanks to its black liquid shade that is long-lasting and dries rapidly. Another alternative to using a spoon for precision is using skin tape. This one is especially easy since you can stick the tape before applying the eye liner.

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In case you often find yourself stranded without a spoon or some tape, and would like to learn the art of drawing on the eyeliner yourself then there are certain techniques you can perfect. One of the easiest makeup tricks an artist swears by is not to draw on the liner in one go, but to break it down. To be extra careful, start by using a light pencil such as Laura Mercier's Kohl Eye Pencil £16.50, to outline. It has been especially formulated for lining your eyelid, its soft creamy texture glides on easily helping you create a smooth, well-balanced line. You can then fill it up with a dark black liquid liner. For this step we recommend Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner £24.50 for it is an ultra-fine waterproof smudge-free eyeliner that stays on for 15-hours straight. More than that, its super felt tip applicator will help you deliver a precise line, every single time.

Even if your attempt at a cat-eye look goes awry, always keep a Q-tip and a very gentle eye makeup remover handy to mop up any wobbles. An amazing product we love is Guinot’s Eye Make-up Remover £20.00 which features a formula that instantly and thoroughly removes even waterproof eye makeup with no stinging. A quick swipe of a Q-tip dipped in strong makeup remover can also be used to sharpen out the edges of your feline flick.

If you’ve always been afraid to experiment with different eyeliner shapes, then these tips and tricks are all you need. With these right tools and techniques you are armed with the power to transform your eye makeup look!

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