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This week’s My Beauty Matches Expert is the very lovely and super creative makeup artist and CEO of WOW beauty Denise Rabor. We grab 10 minutes of her time between shoots, and get her to share her top makeup tips with us. Renowned for her skills and artistic direction on all skin tones, she’s one sought after lady. With over 15 years of experience as an international makeup artist she knows her stuff, and is still as completely mad about beauty now as when she started. Over the years she has jetted of to exotic locations such as Thailand, Bali , The Maldives, California, South Africa etc…doing the make up for the likes of Alek Wek, and being commissioned by clients including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE & Vanity Fair. Enamored already? Me too. Read on for an insight into the makeup industry and Denise’s top makeup picks:

1) Tell us the high’s and lows of working in the creative makeup industry?

I love meeting people and hearing their stories. As kids, my sister and I were the original ‘NY-LON’rs and I think that for me that fed not only my love for travel, but also my love of meeting diverse people. I've always embraced the beauty of diversity and with Wow Beauty I get to unite my love of products and well being with my love of communicating and the shared story. There is a section on the site called ‘Beauty Stories’ where I highlight the stories of inspiring women.Worst bits? I guess being on location somewhere outdoors in winter, in the rain trying to make sure that the models makeup looks great.

2) Whats the best make up tip you've picked up along your career?

My biggest tip is for women to be able to say “I own my beauty”: this for me means that we can all express our beauty in whatever way we choose, regardless of ethnicity, culture or age, refusing to be constrained by societal dictates of what we should look like, how we should wear our hair, what makeup we should or shouldn't wear at certain ages, to contour or highlight…

Intrinsic in owning our beauty is that we understand the connection between our inner health and well being and our outer beauty.

3) Are there any any stand out beauty trends to watch out for in 2016?

To be honest I've never been a big fan of trends, except for the fact that they can encourage us to embrace greater creativity and experimentation with our beauty. I love the fact that there are multiple trends, some focused on emphasising great skin and minimal makeup, while others are very makeup led, encouraging women to engage in a way that suits their style.

4) What products can you not live without?

OMG…I am such a product junkie! I always have been, even as a kid growing up in NYC I was obsessed with my mamas beauty products and loved the gift samples that she used to get with her purchases, I think that's where my love of all things beauty began.

I can't live without:

Perfume – I adore perfumes and fragranced body products, for me perfume is the height of glamour

Good face masks – I've always used face masks and I'm really glad that they've become so popular and that we have so many choices ranging from mud masks to sheet masks. A great mask can fix a multitude of skin concerns.My current favorites are Sarah Chapmans Instant miracle mask £38.50 and Rodial Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Face mask £85.00 and anything by Starskin who offer a range of really effective masks.

Serums – was there life before serums became so fabulous? I love the fact that there is a serum to treat any skin and that you can layer them. I always use a vitamin C serum as a base as it's great for brightening, followed by whichever super duper revitalising, rejuvenating plumping, hydrating, antioxidant rich & nourishing super serum I'm currently in love with, which right now is anything by Zelens and Vitage, Rodial Bee venom super serum.

Body Scrub – which I use all year round to keep my skin smooth and to improve the effectiveness of my body lotion.

Body creams – my skin tends to be dry and responds well to nourishing moisturisers. I always have a tub of Shea Butter near by because it's such a great moisturiser.

Lip balmsElizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm £19.00 is a classic and keeps lips super soft.

So there you have the top beauty recommendations and insider industry tips from the woman in the know. For further info on Denise Rabor check our her fab website WOW beauty.

If there is anything else you would like expert advice on, we want to hear about it! So get in touch.

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