The 10 Minute Morning Routine Of A Beauty Editor

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We’ve all experienced that morning rush; the alarm doesn’t go off or we’ve pressed snooze one too many times and we wake up with a panic not knowing what time it is or in fact where we are. Seeing you have just 20 minutes to get ready and leave the house, you glance in the mirror and see that you’ve got dry skin on your face. You don’t have time to moisturise and apply serums. How can we fix this in just 10 minutes?

Spending the first 10 minutes on your hair and makeup and the other 10 on your outfit and packing your bag, you know you’ll be able to make it just in time for your train… if you run.

As a beauty editor commuting into London each day, I know the morning rush all too well. Trying to catch that once-every-40-minutes train and always needing to look presentable in case I’m needed at an event or launch at lunchtime or after work.

Those 10 minutes are crucial, it’s make or break, do I attempt eyeliner? Do I have time to bake and contour? Will the dry skin on my face cause my makeup to crack? Here’s how I look launch party ready in just 10 minutes.

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First up, spray your hair liberally with Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo. Hair done.

You don’t have time to sort out your moisture deprived dry skin on your face, so you’ll have to make do with this Moisturising Base and Moisturising Liquid Foundation from Lin & Lo, which will act like a layer of moisturiser, as well as cover any imperfections for the entire day. The coverage is good too so you only need a small amount.

Deciding what is most important to you to look good is the best way to get your makeup done quickly. For me, it’s brows and eyeliner that’s most important as these frame my face and highlight my eyes. If you have time, you can work on the other things such as contouring and choosing a bold lip colour.

Filling in and perfecting by eyebrows with this Eyebrow Pencil gets you your desired look in the quickest time possible, you don’t have to be so precise with this as you can just brush it through with an eyebrow comb. With brows that wow, you’ll forget all about that dry skin on your face you woke up with that morning.

Now for the time-consuming, but oh-so-important Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner that completes any makeup look for me. Having that all-day durability is so important when you have an after work event. Finish off with a rough covering of the lashes with a Natural Lashes Black Mascara to elongate those flutterers.

If that dry skin on your face has spread to your lips like mine usually does, this Nourishing Lip Balm will bring back life to your lips. Finish up the 10 minutes with a bright and daring Real Red Lipstick which is great for any day or night makeup look.

If you have a spare 30 seconds, you can really perfect your everyday 10 minute makeup look with some Cream Foundation Powder Finish in a shade or two darker than normal to contour, bronze and define your features perfectly, with minimal effort and time.

There, 10 minutes up, 10 minutes to get dressed and get yourself ready for those all important meetings, events or simply, to catch your morning train, and noone will ever know you woke up with dry skin on your face.

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