The Beauty Products That Make You SKINNY

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Whilst we can’t actually replace a healthy balanced diet and doing squats regularly for toning our bods there are a few products out there that will help speed up the process. As lets face is no one wants a saggy bottom, arms that wobble while you wave or a tummies that tremble. These products act like a PT in a bottle. They are specially formulated to reclaim your stomach post pregnancy, firm up your booty and leave you with sleeker, defined arms. We’ve picked the ones that offer serious results, the easy way. These products will have you prancing around in a bikini like it was 1998. (you know, when everything pointed upwards all on it’s own).

Even if you worship the house of spin, or have more running trainers than heels, these products will still firm, tone and make you look even better, so what's the harm in giving them ago? Who doesn't want a firmer butt?


If you don't’ want your face to look haggard next to your newly firm buns then it s a good place to start. It is after all the first thing people see (unless you walk into a room backwards...and which case you're probably pretty comfortable in the skin you're in and this article may not be for you). Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum £89.00. This serum gives faster results that a Croydon face-lift (high ponytail FYI) the formula is designed to mimic the effects of snake venom by paralyzing facial contractions. Whilst it sounds terrifying it is pain free, you can still move your face and it instantly lifts and plumps skin, no actual snakes in sight.

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Let your puppies live up to their perky potential with Cowshed Slender Cow Bust Firming Serum £36.00Packed with a special toning and firming seaweed blend, this product includes kelp to detoxify, pearl moss to rejuvenate and bladderwrack to help improve skin elasticity. Basically it works like a wonder bra in a bottle, making your boobs look plumper, perkier and smoother. As an added bonus carrot seed oil helps to break down any nasty toxins that might be lurking around. Simply apply the serum in upward strokes from chin to chest daily and watch them and repeat morning and evening to ensure you get the full perky potential - watch out boys!


Bliss Fat Girl Slim Armcandy 125ml £34.00The product name literally gives it away. It will transform your arms. The formula boasts white sapphire, moisture beads, caffeine and lactic acid which does not mean a lot to me but the massaging applicator cap makes it feels like a mini arm massage, and if watching your arms wobble as you rub in cream to stop the wobble doesn't make you rub harder (hello mini gym workout) then I don't know what will.

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Legs & Bum

FREEZEFRAME Liposlim £45.95 FREEZE! That whats this product might yell to your tush if it could talk. It can’t but the results are the same. The tri-ball massager immediately gets to work on your cellulite and fat. Designed for both long and short term effects, the cooling gel is super refreshing and skin immediately jumps to attention. In just two weeks your skin should looks smoother and more toned and cellulite reduced. *immediately snatches product out of your hands and slathers it on.

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