The Best Hair Masks For Your Hair Type

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Now that we are well and truly into the warmer months, we all want sweat-proof makeup and the latest 'it' lip colour. In our quest for the perfect long-lasting makeup, we tend to let our hair pampering fall to the way side. As well as keeping on top of the latest beauty trends, it is equally important to be in the know about the wide and varying range of hair cosmetics you should be using, like hair masks!

Finding the right hair mask can be quite the task, but don't despair; we've rounded up the best hair masks to suit every hair type.

1. Damaged hair: A hair mask is essential if you have extremely dry, over processed or chemically treated hair. Using a deep-conditioning product such as the Resistance Masque Force Architecte will not only build up a protective barrier for your hair, but also help restore it's nourishment and health.

2. Frizzy hair: The highly moisturising Royal Moroccan Hair Mask Treatment Intensive Repair specifically targets thick or frizzy hair as it encompasses deep conditioning ingredients that help to replenish the hair, whilst keeping the frizz at bay.

3. Fine hair: Good bye limp hair, hello luscious locks! The Molton Brown Mer-rogue Deep Conditioning Hair Mask will rehabilitate lifeless hair through intense conditioning and nurturing from naturally infused ingredients that will give your hair a boost.

4. Curly hair: The Morrocanoil Restorative Hair Mask helps to moisturise and simultaneously reduce frizz and tangles through it's signature argan oil formula, that deeply penetrates the hair and allows you to take control of your curly locks.

5. Dandruff: If you need help rescuing dehydrated or dandruff prone hair, try the Balmain Hair Mask to revive the hydration and revitalise the moisture of both the scalp and the hair.

6. Colour treated hair: The L'Occitane en Provence Repairing Hair Mask provides the extra TLC that is necessary to rejuvenate coloured hair. The thick and creamy mask effectively protects the hair from the potentially damaging effects of hair dye, leaving it stimulated, silky and soft.

Regardless of the texture of your hair, there is no doubt in our minds that a hair mask will have a greatly beneficial and overall reconstructive effect on any hair type. There are also a wide range of DIY hair masks and at home hair treatments that can do wonders for your hair, so make sure to watch this space for more information.