The Model's Diet Tips You Need To Get You Over The Party Season

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Christmas has ended, the season of happiness, joy and stuffing our faces with anything that stays still long enough. It’s undeniably been a blast, but as the New Year rears it’s shiny head we’re all feeling more than a little in need of a detox diet plan. To help you on your journey, we’ve been researching the top diet tips of the runway models. So get ready to discover the new you with these rejuvenating expert diet tips that will help you lose weight fast.

Tip 1 - Eat Porridge For Breakfast

Porridge has had a bad reputation in the past, with a lot of people considering it to be tasteless gruel fit for rationing. Well, it’s time this wonder-grain got the credit it deserves as porridge is the staple breakfast for the angels at Victoria’s Secret. Porridge oats are a superfood because they are wholegrain, meaning they are high in fibre. Foods which are high in fibre help you to lose weight fast as they make you feel fuller for longer. The high fibre also balances blood sugar meaning there’ll be no unpleasant mid-morning crashes that result in you binging on the leftover Christmas chocolate. Porridge also provides you with healthy carbohydrates, an element of your diet which is essential to maintain energy and feel alert. The carbs in porridge are complex carbohydrates (rather than simple) as they take longer to digest, meaning you have more energy for longer. Porridge oats also contain many vital vitamins and minerals including iron, phosphorous, vitamin A and calcium. Now you know the hidden wonders of this great grain, perhaps it’s time to give it another chance? You can pimp your porridge with fibre rich treats such as nuts, seeds and berries and a splash of natural honey to sweeten it up. Unable to drink milk? Porridge tastes just as good when made with water, so you can still create your perfect breakfast with this awesome oat.

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Tip 2 - Back Away From The Juice Diets

It’s a common misconception that removing solids from your diet will result in prolonged weight loss, when in reality this method of dieting is unsustainable and will result in incredibly low energy levels. However, juice still has it’s place in the runway diet. Going green with your post-workout smoothie is a great and fast way to gain the benefits of a salad whilst hydrating. Superfood greens such as kale and spinach are a great choice when adding leafy greens to your fruit shakes, as they’re packed full of nutrients and don’t affect the flavour. For a delicious drink try blending with kiwi and apple or banana and frozen berries.

Tip 3 - Avoid Sugar

If you fully got into the swing of Christmas last year, then it’s likely you’ve eaten enough chocolate in the last month to stock a small sweet shop (no judgement here, we did too…). Sadly sugar is a leading cause of weight gain and problematic skin so if you want the flawless model finish and a runway-ready figure, then it’s time to ditch the sugar. Cravings for sweet foods increase the more frequently you eat them, which is bad news for January. However the good news is that even after just 2 weeks of avoiding sugary foods, you’ll find you cravings have significantly reduced.

Tip 4 - The D.I.Y Diet

Whilst we all love eating food that’s been cooked by someone else but constantly eating out is a recipe for disaster when trying to follow a diet plan. It’s impossible to know how many calories you’re consuming unless you’re preparing the food yourself, so try your hand at home cooking this January. As an extra tip for saving calories, why not try preparing a packed lunch at home for taking to work, you can make delicious snacks suited to your tastes and better yet, you’ll likely save a lot of money. Win win! If you’re in need of some inspiration for healthy recipes this January, check out the amazing collection of recipes at BBC Good Food to help you lose weight fast.

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Tip 5 - Achieve A Healthy Balance

Gone are the days of runways packed full of models sustaining themselves on coffee, cigarettes and orange juice-soaked cotton balls. Models including Kendall Jenner are coming forward in their masses to celebrate healthy, balanced and sustainable diets that don’t leave them lacking in the energy to even make it down the catwalk. By creating a diet plan you enjoy and which keeps you happy and healthy, you’ll discover a new lifestyle that will help you to lose weight all year long or to maintain your already healthy physique. Include fat burning superfoods in your diet such as salmon, avocado and green tea and you’ll find you can still enjoy a diverse diet without piling on the pounds.

These five top tips form the foundation of a successful and healthy diet plan that will enable you to lose weight fast. All dietary changes can seem difficult at first, but if you can live by these simple rules even for a few weeks, the noticeable changes in your health and physique might just convince you to carry it on. Combining a healthy diet with regular exercise is a great way to speed up the results of your detox, so why not discover your new favourite exercise to help you transform in 2016.

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