The Product That Will Make You A Co-Wash Convert

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It’s time to start taking Co washing seriously. Cleansing with a conditioner? Err what. Before you run off for fear of getting greasy hair, hear us out.

Co washing is all the rage in hair care right now, and we are here with a little help from lux hair care brand Bardou to demystify why!

First of all, what is co-washing hair?

“Co-washing hair” literally means “conditioner washing,” which is exactly what it sounds like; washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It’s been around for a while, but designated conditioners especially for cleansing are relatively new, but there is one set to change the face of Co-washing and that’s Bardou Co-wash.

This product means EVERYONE can get on the trend. Not just those with thick, dry or curly hair, now even those with super fine hair can get involved.

What are the benefits of Co washing?

The benefits of co-washing are that it preserves the natural oils of the hair, whilst still gently cleansing away any grime. This keeps your hair better hydrated at all times, and those with coloured hair will find the color stays fresher for longer, as there are less harsh surfactants (foaming agents) to strip it away. Overall, you will find you hair feels and looks healthier, and not at all greasy, which some may be worried about. As the cleansing conditioners, really do still clean hair, just more gently.

What hair types should Co wash?

Dry, dehydrated, and damaged hair types originally found the most benefits from co washing, as it makes hair softer, more manageable and curls more defined with each use. However with new cleansing co-washes such s Bardou Co Wash on the market, people with fine straight hair can now get involved with just as much success as they are universally beneficial. They regulate oil production in hair, but don’t cause it. Similar to facial oil cleansers, they actually help to balance you hair and prevent greasiness occurring. As fine, hair types are so susceptible to breakage and heat damage, cleansing conditioners help to not only nourish but the second day feeling you get with them means fine hair is easier to style and hold.

How do I co-wash?

If you have extremely dry or coarse hair then you can jump to co washing with a regular conditioner straight away. For medium to normal hair then use a cleansing shampoo once a week and a co wash the rest of the time, especially if you live in a big city where pollution and dirt can build up.

If you don’t want to wait for that tricky transitional greasy period to be over then a cleansing co wash like Bardou Co Wash is for you. To use a co wash, wet hair and gently massage it into your scalp, run through the ends and let is sit there for a few minutes before rinsing. You can simply use these in place of a shampoo, and no need to condition afterwards!

The added extra 5 minutes in bed, is just another great benefit of co washing.

What it did for me?

Still not 100% swayed to give it a try? We read on. My hair is medium, thick with a slight wave, and after a salty summer of sea snarled waves it was looking a little sorry for itself. ( read more: 4 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Post Holiday Hair). I often find curl products too heavy and ones for straight hair just make it go into an odd, fluffy triangle shape. So, when co washing was the beauty industry buzzword recently I jumped at the chance to try it.

The Bardou co wash is cleaning enough to remove London’s worst grime and turns my slightly fluffy curls in defined, smooth, shiny waves. Need I go on? On those occasions where I've had a particularly hard spin class or after hot yoga then I still use a shampoo (because, err sweaty!) This no-poo cleanser really nourished my hair, which is what all wavy and curly girls truly need (nourished hair equals less frizz). My hair doesnt feel squeaky clean afterwards, but actually i find that because of this it's much easier to style, and I am still left, with, soft, smooth and seriously swishy hair.

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