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I was an early bloomer. I always wished I was older, felt older. I wish I understood more about myself and other people. I care about good diction; basically I am psychotic about being a decent adult. Then I realised being a grown up is expensive.

This is a remarkable and terrifying decade. Sometimes we behave like a shifty, shameless adult posing as a child for student discount on an Anthropologie candlestick. Sat in London’s luxury hotel heartland at the bar in Metropolitan by Como Hotel, the décor was minimalistic. I drank the “stress reliever”, a calming cocktail of carrot, red apple, and ginger, to soothe the nervous system and balance the hormones. I live in the real world now and I have much less time for feelings, and less time to watch Dirty Dancing. You learn paying taxes is not like responding to a Facebook event invite, no one is having as much fun on Instagram as it seems, and love isn’t a Hugh Grant film. Millennials now operate in numerous different worlds and are bound to feel anxiety; I’m a writer/CEO/gluten-free baker, you? How often do we embark upon a self-enforced degree of reflection? I mean do we ever name our emotions. How are you feeling? I mean how are you really feeling? Oh look cute cat!

Como Shambhala at Metropolitan by Como Hotel focuses on the mind, body, and spirit with Asian-inspired therapies. I was about to experience the Shambhalla Signature Massage followed by a session with Susan King; renowned “intuitive healer”, part psychic and part qualified psychotherapist. Susan King has been soothing successful minds of the beautiful and dammed for twenty years in the US, Japan, and Europe, she has also been a columnist for Elle and Marie Claire. Susan King can see the past, present, and future happenings with staggering perspicacity; she has seduced even the most sceptical. Susan King intuitive counselling provides guidance by looking deep into the client’s psyche. (A 60 minute session of Susan King Intuitive Counselling and Emotional Healing is priced at £185).

I sought solace in this emotionally rebalancing holistic package. The Shambhalla Signature Massage is a 75-minute full body treatment. It uses a signature blend of oils to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. The skilled therapist used medium pressure and rocking movements to warm my muscles and relieve tension. As someone with a vigorous training routine I have a massage monthly. The Shambhalla Signature Massage lifted the weight off my shoulders like never before. Now it was time to feel weightless against the sum of my damaged parts. Susan says, “As people become more geographically mobile they breakaway from the local community which can lead to imbalances with the heart and logic”. My expectations were that I would enter a dim lit room and sit on a mahogany sofa exclaiming, “Heal me!” She would. And I would leave as the radiant, stone cold babe I once was.

After greeting I sat down (not on a mahogany sofa), “Who is this man? I see a man. I need to see his eyes, they are the window to the soul”, she said. “He is not a confident person. He is very fragile emotionally but he has a good heart. Do you know that about him? He is very creative and very helpful to people. Do you know that? Is there any links to Australia with him? I think he had problems in his household when he grew up, do you know that? Do you know him in a business capacity?” After a long pause she said, “He is not a happy person is he?”

“I wouldn’t know”, I said. Slightly mystified.

“The man is a seagull”.

I waited for her to continue.

“He reminds me of a seagull out on a limb in the ocean. He hops out on the land, and then back in the ocean. He is a bit of a lost soul I think”.

Like with most men I feel this immediate sense of tragedy overcome me. ‘Let me be your friend. Do you like cats?” I am not the anti-Christ, I have cried watching QVC commercials. I get away with too much, salvaged by the interference of friends. It’s muddled optimism and organised dullness poisoning every date. I know a lot of seagulls. Enough about this "man". More about me.

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“Between 16 and 20 something impacted you traumatically. You have experienced massive trauma and a great sense of loss; I can sense that on you. Your heart got terribly hurt and you are still healing, aren't you? You are afraid to love, aren't you?” I nodded. I learnt that I have a lot of feelings and that these waves of emotions don’t work in the adult world. We are all trying to be sane in an insane world. We over apologise, defeatist excessive apologies with exclamations marks, it's indulgent.

“When you are bereaved you never really move on, the pain gets less. It’s like a pot of pans on a shelf and out of the blue a pan hits you on the head. Time will make it easier for you’. There are the questions you routinely explore, the missed connections, the yearnings for what could have been, what should have been. You reassess your expectations and sometimes you feel you are the victim, like J.Lo in The Wedding planner. Susan King helps you tune into a frequency of approximating effortlessness with the kind of idiosyncratic effort that feels both permissive and distinguished.

“There is a part of you that wants to share your feelings and your emotions. It could have probably happened before but you have been healing. You need your heart for yourself”. The quintessential fairy tale redacted, this isn’t what Laguna Beach montages were made of. Susan King Intuitive Counselling heals whatever is troubling, seeking objectivity when it is sometimes difficult to see for oneself.

“What I do is help people to have a different perspective on what is confusing them. I try and give a different perspective and look forward, the reality in your life”. This is why many jet-setting businessmen book a session with Susan before making corporate decisions, as well as high-flying females like Donna Karan.

“Now you are in a very good place. In the next two years I see you purchasing property. Between 25-37 in this melting pot you will settle and marry. I don’t know if everything will be here in the UK. I see you travelling and having your own website, I see something with Vogue or a big magazine publication. The one that you are going to be with, he’s tall, I see you holding hands with a very tall man. You will have two children in your life. I feel people playing music. Did anybody play music?”

I entered the room completely impartial. I didn’t expect to see a psychic. I guess I wanted reassurance; I wanted to know everything will be fine. Susan says, “I just get pictures in my head, with sounds, and smells, and emotions. I have had that all my life. Everybody has an intuition. You should follow your intuition, it’s your inner guide. If you are faced with decisions in life use your heart and your logic, but I always go with my instinct”.

Susan King will tell you not to second guess yourself; go with what you feel inside and you won't go wrong. Don't deny your tears. To quote Peggy Lee "I thought I would die. But I didn't". I’ve never quite felt a sense of calm like this before.

Como Shamahala signature massage: 75 minutes £115

Susan King Intuitive Counselling and Emotional Healing £185

COMO Shambhala Urban Escape Spa at The Metropolitan Hotel London W1 +44 (0)20 7447 1000