There's A New Blowdry Bar In Town

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If you love a good blow-dry, you'll love aer Blowdry Bar, the latest blow-dry bar to open its doors. Nestled in South Kensington, the aer Blowdry Bar concept is simple; blowdries, brows, beauty. Committed to making you look and feel like the best version of your gorgeous self, aer Blowdry Bar are on a mission to make beauty fun and luxurious. One of the top tips for healthy hair is a cut every 6-8 weeks, for those of us who fail to follow this through, we can rely on a good blowdry to transform the mane.

The salon is open from 07:30am, Monday to Friday, so you can conveniently grab a pre-meeting blow-dry in the early hours. If it's a pre-date pick me up you're after, the salon is open until 08:30pm on Friday and 08:00pm on Saturday!

Whether you're heading out to a special occasion, or you simply need a pick-me-up, a good blow-dry can completely transform your look! Eager to see if they could transform my pin straight, shoulder length hair into the bouncy hair of my dreams, I booked my appointment and waited in anticipation to see what the results would be.

To provide some inspiration, the salon has created a lookbook consisting of 13 styles – a mixture of traditional blow-dry styles and more edgy braided updos. Each style is named after a major city and they are all gorgeous. I may need to invest in an aer 12 pack bundle so that I can try out all the styles!

Having perused the lookbook on the way to my appointment, I already knew which style I wanted; the london – big loose waves a la Chelsea girl. Given the length of my hair, this probably wasn't the best style to go for, but one should never underestimate a good stylist!

I was booked in with Solomon who was fantastic! He not only styled my hair beautifully, but he also gave a pretty darn good head massage! Too few salons place high importance on a good head massage as part of the salon experience. I'm quite sure that even if I had received a mediocre blow-dry, I would go back just for the head massage! Thankfully though, my experience was anything but mediocre. Even before Solomon knew that I was going to be doing a write-up of my experience, he was professional and an absolute delight (he even let me in on one of his styling secrets)!

Even if you don't have any big events planned, a blow dry at aer Blowdry Bar is the ultimate pick-me-up and worth the splurge. Prices vary between £35 for a blow dry and £45 for an upstyle, however if you frequently have your hair blow-dried, there are bundles of either 6 or 12 blow-dries available.

The added benefit of them having a threading bar means we will definitely be heading back soon to tame our unruly brows!

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