Tried & Tested: Did We Get Shocking Volume As Promised From The YSL Mascara

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As Yves Saint Laurent is our brand of the month it was only fair that we got to road test some of their top picks and see if they live up to the hype. We tried out their latest volumising mascara the Effet Faux Cils Shocking Indecent Volume Mascara £21.25 promises to deliver exaggerated lashes and SHOCKING volume from every angle. We wanted to know if this was a SHOCKING EXAGGERATION or it really does do what it says on the tube. So we put it to the lash test to find out.

Step 1) The Look: Now, I'm a bit of a magpie and love all things, gold, glittery and generally eye-catching. So on first impressions the glossy, gold, luxurious-looking tube works for me.

Step 2) Heaven Scent: I unscrewed the lid and immediately this gorgeous floral smell wafted out from the tube. Eyes that smell like roses but don't give you hayfever? I'm in. I did initially wonder if this was going to irritate my eyes, but once on the fragrance wasn't noticeable, and the love affair continues.

Step 3) Magic Wand: According to the eyelash experts at YSL, the reason this mascara trumps all others on the volume front is down to the amplified helix mascara brush, the twisted cut provides instant shocking volume on the eyelashes all in one easy swipe. Is it true? It sure is. In just a few passes of the wand through my lashes I had the exaggerated length similar to my old barbie doll/Bambi/Jersey cows/Spider legs and any other excessively long lashed beings without the help of falsies. Honestly, I spent the day batting my new found lashes at anyone from the parcel courier to the Tesco express shelf stacker, just because I could. If it was a hot day (sadly it's March so the temperature is still in single figures) and I blinked excessively I could have been a stand in for aircon, such was the power of my long-lashed wafting.

Step 4) Staying Power: My day went something like this... *fast forward past shower routine etc until I put my make up on. Speed walk to the station at rush hour, cram self on tube, wedge self in gap suitable only for a 5 year old child, with one person resting an arm on top of head and the other one about 3mm from my left eye. Average temperature on central line is approx 33C and similar to wearing mascara in a sauna. Fast forward again and after 8 hours, several meetings, a few bleary eyed rubs, and some spicy vegan noodles I do another check...Its still firmly in place! Not a smudge in sight.

6) The conclusion: For a volumising mascara, it really is shockingly good.

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