Tried & Tested: Get Instant Results with a Facegym Workout

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Picture these scenes. We go to the gym feeling all motivated to lose that extra padding that has snuck on over the Christmas break, spend 2 hours (literally) sweating our buns off, or had a frantic dash on the treadmill in the hope it will make us bikini perfect for our beach hols the following week, only to look in the mirror and see NO change (apart from being a little less fragrant and our hair is plastered to our scalps). It can be a little demotivating to say the least. We all know it's doing us good, but in the world of fast fashion, fast food and instant messages, it’s no surprise want our health and beauty routine to work at the same speed.

What if I told you there was a workout that provides instant tightening, slimming and brightening results, with zero sweating required. BOTOX? Nope. FILLERS? Nope. What if I tell you this procedure is non-invasive, and no this procedure is not a myth.

“Well what is it. Tell us please?” I hear you cry “Where can I get this wondrous treatment?”. Okay, the suspense over. It's called Facegym, and I was lucky enough to check it out.

Unlike regular ‘facials’ Facegym ‘workouts’ work on your muscle structure rather than just the epidermis. They focus on facial framing, bones and muscles before hydrating and treating the skin to leave you looking visibly toned, less tired and more youthful.

I arrived at Selfridges London where the Facegym area is discreetly tucked away in the beauty hall, before you get worried about having treatment in front of 100’s of gawking shoppers.

I was booked in for their most advanced, non-invasive, tightening and lifting facial workout workout, the HD3D SCULPTING + XPRESS at £165 for 50 minutes it’s not the cheapest facial, but it is cheaper than a round of botox. Shorter treatments start at £40.00 and the recently updated menu targets even the most modern of concerns, from Yoga to Frow face.

Mine promises to be a their most advanced face sculpting, fat melting workout, using a powerful radio frequency device with an added boost of collagen to give skin an instant glow!

The trepidation before arrival was similar to waiting for Barry's Boot Camp. I expected results, but I also expected it to hurt…

I did the usual forms on arrival to check I was all good to go (FYI anyone with Botox needs to wait 14 days before a treatment) and my trainer Ana analysed my face. After a celebratory weekend of too many birthday parties and because of my natural face shape (round, round oh so round) decided that I needed particular attention paying around my jaw to really tighten it up and decrease puffiness. Once I got over the slightly wounded feeling of being told I needed extra jaw attention I deduced that it meant my eye area was fine. (you win some, you lose some). Let the workout begin.

It started with a gentle cleansing balm being massaged into my skin, the balm is organic, handmade and smells divine. Then the fun really begins, with their most powerful radio frequency device, which doesn’t look dissimilar to a glue gun with a small metal ball stuck on the end is rolled over my face at 38C-40C when the current is passed through to stimulate and tone my muscles rather like a power plate at the gym. The sensation however is far from a barbaric exercise class, but more akin to stepping into a warm bath. As the heat penetrates your muscles and you feel the tensions in your jaw and brow ease away.

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Then the cardio begins. My tiny trainer’s size belies the strength in her hands as she gives my face the workout the equivalent of an Olympic athlete’s training routine. However the pulling, pinching and slapping is oddly cathartic as you feel your muscles give in to her sculpting touch.

As no gym session is complete without a warm down, a cooling, jade derma-roller feels deliciously refreshing and unlike a foam roller at the gym the sensation is almost sending me to sleep rather than leaving me grimacing in pain.

With a final flick of her deft wrists, Ana prepares a personalised blend of moisturisers with a few drops of facial oil for added radiance and I am ready to go.

I sit up and stare in the mirror in shock. Gone is the puffiness, a tell tale sign of too many late nights and in its place, my face looks, brighter, tighter and even slimmer. Now, this is a gym membership that definitely wouldn’t go to waste.

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