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Oscar Alexander started working as a model from age 14. He loved being on shoots, the buzz, the creativity and the friendships he made, but enjoyed the actual work a lot less. He always thought the hair and beauty team looked to be having a blast and decided to switch sides. He trained as a hairdresser and found his calling. Along the way he picked up the interest for makeup as well, and is now fully trained (and highly sought after at both) working alongside clients such as Acer, Aspinal of London, Austin Reed, Axe/ Lynx, Bourjois, Browns, Clarks, Clinique, Dove, Duchamp, Huntsman, L'Oreal, Maybelinne, Nescafé, Puma, Specsaveers, Thomas Pink, Toni & Guy. I sat down with statuesque Oscar to get some of his top beauty tips to share with you:

1) What is it that you most love about your job?

Every job definitely has its pros and cons, but I love what I do and I am so grateful for being able to do this as a job every day. Each day is different, you meet so many new wonderful people from Coco Rocha, Gemma Chan, Nicola Roberts, Noel Fielding, Sadie Frost, Sally Phillips, Stromae and VV Brown, get to travel, try new products and you never really know what is around the corner! Keeps life exciting! winks (I blush).

2) Any top tips?

Style tip: As cheesy as it may sound, love yourself and the way you look! Enhance your best features rather than hiding your worst. We can all lose our style direction a little - at different times in our lives, I recommend that women (and guys) find themselves a style role model, someone of a similar height, age and build and see what they do with their hair, makeup and fashion. There is no point in a five foot brunette comparing herself to a Heidi Klum or Elle Macpherson. But Mila Kunis or Salma Hayek could give the inspiration needed to get you back on track.

Hair tip: Get yourself some quality tools. Your hairdresser gets your hair looking amazing, not just because they have the expertise, but because they also have professional styling tools and products. The investment in a good hairdryer, professional brush and some salon tested styling products can truly make all the difference.

Makeup tip: Make sure you clean and prep your skin well, before and after your makeup - keep a good regime going at all times. Your skin will love you for it in the long run and your makeup will love you in the short run and look better and stay on for longer. Once in a while review your make-up bag. Are you still wearing the same shades you have for the last ten years? An appointment with one of the in-store make-up artists at Bobbi Brown, Chanel or Laura Mercier can have fresh eyes look at your face and give you up-to-date but wearable suggestions. Find the latest shades here

3) What are the trends to watch out for in 2016?

Hair: Summer will always be the season for loose, beachy, undone styles. You want to get this look using a salt spray, for a sexy almost gritty texture. Such as Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion £9.50. Create sexy waves using a wide barreled curling wand – I love the H2D Magicurl X5 it comes with five interchangeable wands which offer you a multitude of styling options.

But straight hair is set to make a big comeback, think smooth glossy straight hair, more Kendall Jenner less early Girls Aloud. So even though straight hair might be more ‘styled’ it’s still very simple and understated. Hair absolutely must be in tiptop condition, the last thing you want are bitty, straggly ends.

Colour wise we are going to both ends of the spectrum. More natural and understated tones with lots of dimension are big news. Clients are still after “baby lights” which is exactly as it sounds, children have hair that has so many different tones which darken and lessen as we age. When we add these back to hair, we instantly look younger, fresher and brighter. Who wouldn’t want that? Crazy, wild and vivid shades are also popular, and the technology now means that we can achieve fantastic bold results without causing the hair too much damage. I love the daring shades JOICO InstaTints Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Hair Spray Fiery Coral £3.95 which offer great results and can be washed out in one shampoo.

Beauty: In makeup we are going more natural too when it comes to skin, heavy contouring is out, strobing is in. It is about looking natural and enhancing the natural spots where light would hit your face, giving you a fresh glow! Strong ‘pinterest’ brows are toning down, preferably with a sprout, giving it a boyish feel. Keep your lips or your eyes as a statement - go for a dark or a red lip, or eyes in natural bronze tones. Or if you’re more daring, jump on the trend wagon and go for a brighter colour, think blue, orange, red or perhaps silver eye (or keep it more muted with a light dusting of peach).

4) What hair & beauty products can’t you live without?

I love trying new products, technologies mean that we can really test the hair and beauty boundaries. We can improve on what nature has given us and we can just as radically change or conceal features we don’t like with the use of products. I do have favourites though that stand the test of time.

Hair: Keep your hair healthy and return it to its original glory after chemically treating it with JOICO K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor £13.15

Makeup: Give yourself that amazing luminous glow and prime your foundation to last Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Foundation £55.00.

So there you have top beauty and hair tips to get ahead of the trends in 2016 from the man in the know. For further examples of Oscars’s work check out his fab instagram @oscaralexanderl or get in touch via his website

If there is anything else you would like expert advice on, we want to hear about it! So get in touch.

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