What Is A Holistic Massage And Where Is The Best Place For It In London?

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Ushvani are renowned to be London’s most luxurious day spa, having won awards by Tatler and Condé Nast Traveller which have certainly put them on the map for spa serenity.

My favourite place in the world is Bali and upon entering Ushvani I was shocked to come to the realisation that I was in Chelsea, due to Ushvani's outside exterior looking like a big country home with high ceilings, but on the inside it looked and felt as if I was in Bali or a great place in Malaysia. Everything from the rooms to the art work had a Malaysian touch and holistic vibe to it. Even the decorations consisted of Pandan Leaves everywhere from the bathroom to the changing rooms.

Once I'd made my way into little Malaysia AKA Ushavani I was greeted with a nutmeg and ginger refreshment towel and provided with my own slippers. I was then taken into a treatment room in preparation for a Balinese massage where my therapist asked if I would prefer a light, medium or strong strength massage, I opted for medium.

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The treatment room was decorated with candles and had the most perfect ambiance to it which really helped to set the mood. Before my Balinese massage began my therapist asked me to inhale a balm 3 times which smelt a little bit like Tiger balm but better, this was followed by massaging the balm straight into the skin, in a traditional Balinese massage style.

There were so many small touches which really made this massage so special. For instance when the therapist got to my feet she rubbed coconut and kemiri butter on my feet and for my body she used coconut and hibiscus oil. Each and every product used really helped to give a complete holistic experience and being of Indian origin myself I really enjoy a “city escape” into a holistic world and I recommend it to everyone.

After the massage I enjoyed a rain shower, with the holistic beauty products that were available from shampoo to body creams not forgetting the little after touches hair brushes to cotton buds to hair dryers, which really made this experience something else.

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To book a visit to Ushvani call 020 7730 2888. or visit their website. All treatments last for a minimum of 90 minutes. Ushvani's Balinese massage is priced at £180 for 90 minutes and £240 for 120 minutes.