What Is The Best Personalised Facial That Exists?

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As the founder of My Beauty Matches, I am all about personalising your beauty routine. For instance, I love to mix it up. I like to mix up expensive products with some budget alternatives, currently, I am using the La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser, £14 From Galinnee, my Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'n' Kohl Eye Pencil, £19, Sleek Makeup Colour Corrector Palette, £7.99 and Eve Lom Eye Cream, £48

But no matter what I do some facialists and facial gadgets can do a much better job. When I heard D.Thomas' Clinic in Chelsea provides a DNA Essential Facial I was really intrigued. D.Thomas' Clinic are well known for their Laser and Non Laser facials so instead of just me guessing what is best for me, I took a trip to the D. Thomas' Clinic and let a therapist take a look at my skin.

Upon the first few minutes of inspection my skin therapist said she could tell that I don’t wear SPF daily (guilty as charged,) which is causing me to have some small red veins and as a result speeding up the ageing process and erasing my collagen levels.

The next part of the process for this facial included a closer look at my skin under with a VISIA Skin Analysis machine, which was able to highlight some more details to my skin which can’t necessarily be seen on the outside. I absolutely loved loved loved this machine! It really allowed me to understand what personalised beauty and skin care is all about and visually showed me what I can prevent in advance, based on this D.Thomas were then able to tailor the DNA Essential facial to my skin.

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The DNA Essential Facial began with a non-laser treatment which goes even deeper into the skin to ensure the results last longer. Within this process, the first product to be applied was an Oxygeneo gel which has Vitamin E, retinol to create a non-invasive chemical reaction and brighten my skin complexion. It felt a little bit like bubbling, totally not painful and with great results.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this treatment was how passionate my skin therapist was about what she did, it was clear that customer care is D.Thomas' number 1 priority. I was given extra towels when I was cold and every little thing was explained to me. This was followed by gentle exfoliation before my favourite part which included a using another machine on my face called TriPollar that uses radio frequency for firming and stimulating the collagen - hallelujah.

Prior to this, my skin therapist applied a Medik8 serum which contained active ingredients for skin brightening, she then used the machine over this in order to push the ingredients into my skin further. The machine had a knob at the end which reaches up to 42 degrees but is completely pain-free and does not burn, this machine is designed to be rubbed up and down the face for collagen stimulation.

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I saw instant results and 3 weeks later I can still see the difference. My skin therapist also suggested I use Vitamin C products and hydrating products due to my skin type and concerns. You can always take our beauty quiz on My Beauty Matches to find the right products recommendations for your skin type.

Since the treatment, I always make sure to use SPF to avoid the sun spots I saw through the face scanning machine and overall I have to say, this was by far the most personalised facial I've ever experienced with the longest lasting results.

To book your appointment visit D.Thomas' webiste or call 020 7118 9000. The DNA Essential Facial starts from £120 for a 25 minute single treatment, you can get a course of 6 DNA Essential treatments from £600. D.Thomas are open from 9am to 8pm 7 days a week.