What's The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Colour?

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Eyeshadow! One of the more fun beauty products, the one most traditionally available in every colour you can think, with textures ranging from velvet to sparkly and everything in between. Some people like to give themselves two bold eyelids, using a single eyeshadow colour, and others like to go the full throttle and use every colour they can cram in to create an island paradise fantasy rising right up to their brows.

That said, there comes a time when questions abound about what exactly is the best eyeshadow colour for your eye colour. It's something many will have though of, and while anyone can rock any colour if they put their minds to it and find a way, it is true that some of the colours in your bright eyeshadow palette will tend to naturally suit some eye colours more than others. Here is our brief guide:

1) Brown eyes

Congratulations if you have dark brown eyes! As a rule, dark brown eyes are deep, dark and rich enough to be able to carry their own against any other colour. That's not to say that if you have dark brown eyes and very pale skin you should go running off for the nearest fluorescent yellow eyeshadow palette you can find. However, you'll have a better time trying it out that many others might. That said, some good colours for bringing out the soulful depths of brown eyes including green, gold, deep cobalt and copper!

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2) Hazel eyes

So you have hazel eyes? That could encompass a range of things and some people with a varied mixture of different colours in their eyes tend to identify their eyes as hazel. For example, maybe you have a rim of grey, follow by a rim of green and a sort of light brown centre to your iris? It's not unusual, and it is rather beautiful. Still, what to pair with your eyes, including pure hazel eyes. If you really want to make your eyes pop, consider shades of purple, gold or even a subtle yellow (a colour that doesn't work for everybody!) Pink and fuchsia can also be an excellent choice.

3) Blue eyes

Ah, blue eyes. Comparable to forget me nots or a blue like the sea or blue like the sky (fairweather blue or stormy blue?) There's a lot that blue can encompass. Blue eyes are some of the best for rocking pastel colours, for going with a smoothy grey smokey eye and, truly, you can never go wrong with blue eyes if you're pairing it with a blue eyeshadow.

4) Green eyes

Green eyes have had a reputation in the past for being a little bit magical and it does seem obvious why. It sort of makes you think of woodlands and absinthe fairies and herbs. Now, if you want to bring out the green in your eyes (and who wouldn't?) then purples, pinks, and reds are a very good shout for bringing out the undertones and the subtler shades naturally present in your eyes. It's best to avoid eyeshadow with blue undertones as it might make your eyes appear slightly washed-out.

5) Grey eyes

Grey eyes always feel sort of elegant, or majestic. Fittingly, they often best suit jewel tones, and rich wine and plum-like colours. Being sort of neutral and often (like hazel) being made up of a mixture of other colours, you can pick and choose your jewel tones based on the colours you'd most like to bring out in your eyes. Finally, if you want to make your eyes seem more prominent, feel free to go with a pale blue or a light grey. You can then go with a bolder lipstick and you'll be ready for the ball.

Whatever your eye colour, we hope we've helped you find the right eyeshadow for you! And remember, above all, makeup is fun. So if you have blue eyes and you want to wear bright fuschia, you do you!