Why You Need To Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

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Much like our winter wardrobes, our skin can also be in dire need of a spring clean this time of year. A winter of central heating, frigid air, and lack of vitamin D can leave skin looking congested, pesky blemishes that refuse to shift, skin can be dry, sensitive and flakey, or overproducing oil and shiny (neither of which is what we particularly want!) to compensate for the dry air. But don't worry, you're not alone and more importantly these top products are an easy way to spring clean your skincare routine. Here are my top picks to freshen up your skin, and leave it brighter, energised and glowing.

If dull skin is weighing you down, use a gentle exfoliant to slough off those dead skin cells and instantly perk you up. The Aesop Tea Tree Leaf facial Exfoliant £26.00 is a dry mix of crushed botanicals (how delicious does that sound?). Add a spoonful to your regular cleanser, mix to create an exfoliating paste, rinse off to leave your skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean.

For day to day cleansing I'm still totally hooked on Micellar waters, for their cleansing without drying properties. A must have for sensitive skin like mine! This Vichy Normaderm Micellar Water £10.50 is the bottled equivalent of rinsing your face in a fresh, mountain stream whilst still taking off every ounce of make up. It works on all skin types from sensitive to acne prone, due to its simple cleansing formula and is the easiest product to add into your usual skincare routine.

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If you feel you need a little something extra, this foaming gem landed on my desk last week and I can't recommend it enough. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energy Infusion Mask £42.00 developed by Bliss as a stand in for those who couldn't reach the spas regularly. It's a potent vitamin C and oxygen rich mask, that left my skin sparkling and bright in just 10 minutes (ideal for time poor mums who don't have much time for pampering). I imagine this invigorating wonder works a charm after a late night too.

If winter has left you with a few pesky blemishes you want to blitz in time for spring, then I swear by a few dabs of Origins Spot Remover Anti Blemish Treatment Gel 10 £14.00. Formulated with oregano and clove buds, which have excellent natural antiseptic properties, it manages to zap any zits without drying out your skin. As an added bonus the teeny bottle is perfect to pop in your handbag for any blemish emergencies on the go. As soon as I feel a blemish brewing I pop some of this on, and hey presto! It disappears!

Once feeling fresh, its time to moisturise. With the days getting (hopefully) warmer you may find that you can ease up on the heavy creams and it's time to invest in a lighter, daily lotion to keep your skin feeling fresh and supple throughout the day. Jason Ester C Lotion £16.00 is a zesty, hint of citrus-y lotion that feels the equivalent of a Berocca for your face - a real hit of vitamins to pep up your skin in a flash!

So don't stop at the dusting, give your skincare routine a deep clean too this spring. Even if the sun isn't shining, your skin will still be radiant!

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