Winter-Proof Your Locks With These Classic Up-dos

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Winter is a magical time. You get to drink soup, wear gloves, and enjoy the possibility that maybe it will snow this year, (though of course we all prefer the romantic notion of snow, rather than the ‘oh man my train has been cancelled AGAIN’ notion). Anyway, despite certain weatherly drawbacks, winter is an exciting time in the world of beauty. It’s the time when it’s ok to be super-pale, ok to wear baggy clothes, and ok to not shave your legs, (caution: if you have a significant other, this may not be ok).

However, there is no reason to be slacking with your hair care this winter. We are bringing you our favourite collection of winter up-dos that are sure to get you noticed, (even if you have hairy legs).

So, get your bobby pins at the ready.

The Asymmetric Bun:

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If you’re worried that you look bald when you attempt a fancy up-do, then this is the bun for you. Keeping you cool by being off your neck, the side bun can still be seen from the front and back. For this look you will need to separate your hair into two parts, twisting and pinning each section back alternatively, until your hair is curled round into a bun. This style can be messy or neat: you decide.

The Double Braid:

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This is one for the keen braiders. To create this look, you need to be able to French plait. Start off by parting your locks however you like, then French plait your hair on each side until you reach your neck. Then combine both braids into one, securing the braid with a hair tie. You can either leave it as a pony, or you can twist the ends round, pinning with bobby pins, to transform your creation into a bun. And voila, you are a double braid queen.

The Side Braid:

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If you are a messy-braider like me, then this is the style for you. Leave out a few bits of your hair to frame your face, and French braid your locks, starting at the top left and working your way down to the bottom right. Secure with a hair tie, then twist the ends round to make a messy bun. Whoever made the messy-look a thing is A GENIUS, (I owe them big-time.)

The Sleek Low Bun:

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Want to look chic and sophisticated at the office party this year? Then the sleek low bun is a definite must. This work looks best with poker-straight hair, so give your locks a quick straighten before you start. Comb through your hair, making sure there are no kinks, and use serum to pat down any fly-away baby hairs. With your usual parting, gather your hair at the nape of your neck, and twist into a bun using bobby pins. Now, what was that about a promotion?

The High Bun:

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This is for the brave, and prone-to-sweat girls. The high bun is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and for keeping you cool on the rush-hour tube. Very easy to achieve, the high bun can be as messy or neat as you like. Gather all your hair on your head, leaving your fringe out if you have one, or a few tendrils of hair to frame your face. Smooth out any kinks at the back and secure on top of your head with bobby pins, wrapping extra pieces of hair around the bun for an extra chic finish.

And there you have it, your fabulous new up-do awaits. Remember to secure any look with a reliable hairspray, and you can explore our available online products here.