You'll Never Guess These 6 Simple Tips To Stop Static Hair

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enter image description here You’ve finished work and you’re feeling great. You take a deep breath and blissfully begin packing your bag. As you leave the office a gentle chill brushes past you, you shrug on your thick coat and wrap up in your wooly scarf and then...BAM. Anarchic, static hairs flying everywhere and nothing you do will make them go down!

It’s a familiar scenario for all women who have experienced long hair in a cold environment, and it’s not a pretty one. Static hair occurs when friction builds up between two separate objects, and is particularly effective on surfaces that don’t conduct electricity, like dry, dead hair. There are several reasons why this Tesla-inspired hairstyle comes back into fashion each winter, but mainly, it’s because on crisp, cold days there is very little moisture in the air. This results in hair becoming dehydrated, and what happens when dry hair rubs up against your high collared winter coat? Yep. Hair flying everywhere. Combined with strong, drying winds and friction inducing hats, scarves and gloves, it’s a recipe for static disaster. Here at My Beauty Matches we’ve been researching the best online beauty products and top beauty tips to escape the flyaway fiascos.

enter image description here Tip 1: The enemy? Dry hair that is more prone to the effects of static buildup. The solution? Moisture, moisture and more moisture! By keeping hair well conditioned you can significantly reduce your chances of suffering from flyaway hair. We like this gorgeous Seaweed Conditioner by Bumble and Bumble £20.50, a daily de-fuzzer with a luxurious lightweight feel that will hydrate dried out locks.

Tip 2: Another daily activity that causes our hair to fly is brushing. Using plastic combs and brushes builds up friction with the hair and the longer you brush, the crazier it gets. If you use a comb for your hair, make sure the tongs are wide set and made of either rubber or metal, two materials which reduce static electricity.

Tip 3: If you know you suffer with particularly dry hair then switching your wash-out conditioner for a leave-in product can also reduce your chances of experiencing static hair. A great online beauty product on the market right now is this Chi Keratin Leave-in Conditioner by Farouk £8.95. The unique formula works to repair damaged hair by infusing the fibers with keratin and rebuilding the natural cuticles to prevent further damage.

enter image description here Tip 4: There’s nothing we hate more than leaving the house first thing on a cold winter’s day with wet hair. It makes us cold, wet and look like a miserable, drowned rat. Hair drying is a post-shower necessity, but sadly this can also make your hair suffer from static. One inventive solution is to purchase an ionic hair dryer which reduces flyaways as the ions neutralise static electricity. They also dry your hair quicker than a conventional hair dryer so it’s a win-win situation!

Tip 5: Double the effectiveness of the above hairdrying solution by using a quality heat protection spray such as this lightweight, non-greasy spray from Beauty Works £11.99. This luxurious spray replenishes hair and shields it from drying out as the result of heat damage from drying, curling and straightening.

Tip 6: Finally, one extremely inventive solution which we think works brilliantly is to pack tumble dryer sheets in your handbag. Think I’m crazy? I promise it makes sense! If you’ve ever unloaded a tumble dryer then you’ll be aware of what a zapping, electrifying experience it can be. These sheets are designed to reduce the static created by tumble dryers so you don’t get a shock when you unload your clothes. Well, the good news is they work just as well with static infused hair. If you’re out and about and your hair is flying everywhere, simply run one sheet over your hair and voila! The static is gone.

So there you have it, with so many creative solutions you’ll never again have to walk into your staff meetings with crazy, static hair. You’re welcome.