28 June 2019

Beauty Must Haves For Your Summer Holiday

With summer well and truly upon us it's time to start thinking about holidays and what to pack. Packing for a holiday fills some people with dread, meaning they leave it right until the last minute and either over pack or forget vital essentials. To combat this we've put together a list of all the beauty essentials you'll need for your summer holiday to have you glowing like a bronzed beach goddess!

4 June 2019

The Best Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

Imagine this; you're out shopping and see a cute looking eyeshadow palette. It's pretty expensive but it's from a good brand so it must be good quality, right? You make the purchase, take it home to try out and are dramatically underwhelmed with the results. Either the pigment is poor, it's streaky, the colours don't blend well, or there's tonnes of fallout. Who else has been in this situation? I certainly…