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What is My Beauty Matches?

Take a look at our About Us page to discover who we are and what we do.

Why should I use My Beauty Matches?

Unlike beauty counters and the media, My Beauty Matches provides unbiased advice and personalised recommendations. We cut through the clutter of beauty products on the market to discover the right ones for your specific needs. To begin, our quick and easy quiz of carefully selected questions enables us to develop a thorough understanding of your individual beauty profile.

From there, our advanced technology works its magic, scouring our database of over 3,000 brands to match you with beauty products tailored to your unique profile. We then search our extensive list of retailers and brands to provide you with the best possible products for your needs.

My Beauty Matches is ideal for busy women looking for a free, fast and efficient platform to discover personalised product matches or to replenish their existing favourite products through our vast database of beauty products.

What can I do on the website apart from shopping?

Aside from shopping our extensive range of beauty products, you are welcome to browse our Editorial section. This section is regularly updated with features on beauty trends, tried and tested articles, competitions, insights into the latest product launches, expert interviews and much, much more.

Can users from outside the UK use My Beauty Matches?

Yes. My Beauty Matches can be accessed globally, and many of our retailers deliver internationally for free too.

Do I have to create an account to access your website?

No, you can browse our range of beauty products and top beauty advice in our editorial section without creating an account. You do however have to create an account to receive personalised recommendations, which is quick and easy.

How do I create an account on My Beauty Matches?

Click on ‘Sign Up’ in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. This will lead you to our quick and easy quiz which enables us to learn all about your unique beauty profile, including your skin and hair type and concerns. Our smart technology will then begin to match you with the right beauty products for your specific needs, allowing you to discover these at the best possible price.

Does it cost to create an account?

No, creating an account is completely free. We want to make online beauty shopping as fast, easy and simple for you as possible.

What if I get stuck on one of the questions when creating my beauty profile?

If you are are stuck on a question when creating your beauty profile, choose the option that you believe most closely matches you.

How does My Beauty Matches choose the product recommendations?

Once you have taken our quick and easy quiz, our awesome unique technology generates unbiased product recommendations tailored to your unique beauty profile. These recommendations are based on expert advice, ingredients, the personal information you have shared with us and what has worked for other women with similar beauty profiles.

Where are my product recommendations?

Once you have signed in and selected a beauty category, such as skin care, hair or makeup, you can discover three product matches for each sub category such as moisturisers or mascaras.

What can My Beauty Matches do with my personal information?

Please find stated in our Privacy Policy that we do not disclose your personal information to any third parties. My Beauty Matches is registered with the Data Protection Agency (registration number ZA018073).

What brands are on the website?

From Bobbi Brown to Molton Brown, Rimmel to St Tropez, our selection of over 3,000 brands can be found listed on our A-Z brands page.

Is it more expensive to order through My Beauty Matches?

Absolutely not! We will always match the prices of our retailers. Moreover, we have made it our mission to offer price comparisons across a wide range of retailers so that you can find your favourite products and discover new beauty matches at the best possible price. Found a better offer elsewhere? Let us know on

Which retailers do you source your products and prices from?

We handpick our products from all your favourite retailers, including Harvey Nichols, Superdrug, Lookfantastic, Harrods, Clarins and more. As a marketplace for beauty products we have most of the brands and retailers on board. If there is a brand that you would like to see included then please drop us an email at, as we are always on the lookout for favourite brands.

How do I complete the checkout process?

Once you have found the right product, by clicking on the BUY NOW button next to your preferred retailer you will be redirected to that product page on the selected retailer. You will then conclude your purchase on said retailer's website.

Will I receive a confirmation email of my order?

You will receive confirmation emails and details about your delivery directly by the retailer from which you have made the purchase. Please check their Terms & Conditions for further details.

What forms of payment are accepted?

It depends on the retailer that you have selected but nearly all of the retailers present on My Beauty Matches' marketplace accept all the most common forms of payments.

How much does postage and packaging cost?

This varies depending on each brand or retailer. Full information on postage and packaging will be available on the retailers' websites.

There is a problem with the processing of my order. What shall I do?

Please contact the retailer's customer service since they are managing the fulfillment and delivery of your order.

What will My Beauty Matches do if I have a problem with a retailer?

If My Beauty Matches receives complaints about a particular retailer, we will investigate the matter and come to a decision on whether or not we should continue to list them. If necessary, we may remove retailers from our website while they resolve the issue.

How frequently are the prices updated?

The prices on our website are updated daily to ensure you are guaranteed the best price, always. If, by any chance, you come across a better price elsewhere, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Does the total price to pay include VAT charges?

Yes, the total price of all beauty products includes VAT.

How can I return a product?

Please visit the returns policy section on our retailers’ websites and follow their instructions.

Where is my order?

Every retailer should update you on the status of your order. Please contact their customer service if you require further assistance.

Do the retailers on My Beauty Matches' marketplace deliver outside of the UK?

You have come to the right place. We partner with so many brands and retailers and nearly all of them deliver internationally. Some of them even allow for free international deliveries.

How fast do your partners deliver?

Nearly all of our partners offer standard delivery (2-3 working days) and next working day delivery in the UK. Only three of the retailers on our site take longer to deliver.

My order arrived damaged, incomplete or it's wrong. What now?

We hate it when this happens. Remember that your purchase is being sent directly from the retailer, not My Beauty Matches itself, therefore please get in touch directly with their customer care team.

How do I become an expert on My Beauty Matches?

If you would like to be featured in our editorial section, please email your details to for consideration.

How do I become a columnist for My Beauty Matches?

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic beauty lovers with a natural flair for writing. To be considered, contact us at with a sample of your writing and some unique editorial post ideas.

Do you have any jobs/internships available?

Current opportunities can be found on our Jobs page.

Can a beauty brand provide products for a My Beauty Matches competition?

Yes. My Beauty Matches offers great promotional opportunities for brands by welcoming them to provide prizes for our fantastic competitions. If you would like us to consider your brand’s products, please email us at

Can a brand use My Beauty Matches for tailored focus groups?

Yes. My Beauty Matches’ extensive and thorough research can help brands make informed decisions for better results. For more information, please email us at

Can a brand advertise on My Beauty Matches’ website?

Yes, there are a few ways a brand can advertise on My Beauty Matches. As we pride ourselves on being unbiased, we have carefully selected areas for advertising opportunities, including mentions in our newsletters and social media. Please see our For Brands & Publishers page for more information.

Can I partner with My Beauty Matches?

Yes. We are always happy to hear about exciting new partnerships ideas. Just drop us an email on

How can a brand list their products on My Beauty Matches?

My Beauty Matches has established an impressive database of over 3,000 brands, but we are always open to discovering fantastic new brands to add which have already been on the market for over a year. We are very selective about any new brands we add to ensure we offer our beauty consumers the best experience for shopping. If you would like us to consider your products, please send us an email at