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What is My Beauty Matches™?

My Beauty Matches™ is the world’s FIRST personalised beauty product recommendation and price comparison site and is now the biggest beauty website in the world. We partner with some of the best beauty retailers and brands, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Look Fantastic, Clarins, Bobbi Brown and more. We have a 200,000+ community of customers highly engaged in beauty. We are a retail marketplace for 3,000+ brands, 300,000+ products and 180+ retailers. For further information on why customers love My Beauty Matches™, visit our About Us page.


What other people say about My Beauty Matches™

London Beauty Queen: “A great resource for busy women who want to cut the BS and get to the point - it provides bespoke recommendations and information on where to get products at the best possible price. What's not to love?”.

Harper’s Bazaar: “My Beauty Matches™ has quickly become a multi-award winning site and a steady favourite amongst industry experts, bloggers and time-poor working professionals”.

Stylist: “Your endless search for the right beauty products is now a thing of the past . Find your perfect beauty and skincare matches on this fab website”.

Are you an online retailer?

  • Join our marketplace for incremental sales and brand awareness to a premium audience, inside and outside of the UK. Email us at for further information.

Are you a brand/manufacturer?

  • Work with us and run hyper-targeted campaigns - talk only to relevant consumers that want your products. We can drive your product trial via sponsored competitions and targeted sampling campaigns. Or raise awareness of your brand/products via our newsletters and social media accounts - whilst we know what works, we are a flexible and resourceful, delivering each campaign in unique approach, compliant to your business needs. Email us at for further information.

Are you a publisher?

  • We are always open to hear from other forward-thinking and creative publishers. If this sounds like you, email us at

Press and awards

Bloomberg, Telegraph, Guardian, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Stylist, TechCityNews, TechCityInsider, and more.

Retail Week Startup of the Week March 2016 * WGSN Global Beauty Digital Game Changer 2015 * The Guardian Startup of the Year 2014