5 Nail Trends To Try In 2020

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1) French manicure

It's come back from the recesses of the 90s, the french-tipped manicure in all its glory. Now, this can include the classic white tip but a couple of trends that have been noticeable are more of a take on the classic nail style. The first, the use of negative space, painting the nail darker with a lighter, nude tip, or vice versa, a nude nail with a darker, colourful tip. The second, a far slimmer white tip, curving right around the nail and offering the illusion of length to a greater extent. Both a little tricky to get correctly, but we recommend giving it a go.

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2) Marbled nails

You've heard of marbled paper. Perhaps you've always wanted a lampshade beautifully marbled or a classic Italian notebook to neatly prop up on your desk. It's chic, n'est-ce pas? Well, if that appeals to you, then the latest in complex nail trends probably will too... the marbled nail, either swirly and intricate with delicate, tiny feathering or gradual, like sediment rock stacked up (though of course marble is not a sedimentary rock) This look has been seen at such catwalks as... and .... so you're in good company. Personally we'd love to see someone rocking a pale blue and grey with yellow marbling effect though pity the manicurist charged with making that work. Maybe just get faux stick ons?

3) Stick-on nails

Faux, stick-on nails are a trend in themselves, allowing you to have your wildest fantasy of patterns prominently visible and fashionable on your own nails. There are a host of styles: crocodile and snakeskin patterns to bring out your inner animal, or some Kandinsky-esque lines and circles. Either way, stick-on nails are far easier than a complex varnish manicure, and far healthier for the nail than acrylics.

4) Minimal decoration

Maybe you want to shake things up just a tad, without drawing too much attention to your nails, feeling like the star of a 90s music video or spending hours to get the designs perfectly right. But maybe you do want to see how to work with new designs. So, go for minimal decoration. A single dot on each nail can be quite cool... imagine red nails with a single white dot, or yellow nails with a single black dot... understated, relaxed, effortless, modern. All words, I'm sure, the average fashionista would love to hear applied to herself. Understated stars are also a good shout or the use of tiny swirls built into the manicure itself.

5) Metallics

Metallics are everywhere. Eyeshadow, bronzer, shiny bodysuits... you name it. So, it only makes sense that metal nails would also be having something of a moment. You can rock the look very simple with just a metal accent or be classic and go for nails that are little oval coins of gold. You could also go wild - add gold and silver foil, or file your nails into stiletto shape and so give the impression that you really have little daggers ready to wield.

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