This Latest Sustainable Trend Has Got Everyone Talking

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As responsible adults we recycle our garbage and try our best to turn the lights off when we leave the room, not only for our electricity bills, but for the environment, too. Whilst sustainability has become a trend, it is also one of the most impactful and lasting movements that has happened in the beauty industry for a while. With brands switching to cruelty-free practices and introducing recyclable and sustainable packaging, it is freeing and enlightening to see that we are actively taking more initiative to improve the world for tomorrow's generation.

This latest trend is called circular beauty, and it explores exactly that: how to make beauty more circular. Circular beauty is the concept of recycling and using organic products like carrots, coffee, bananas and other foods to make beauty products. This sustainability trend may very well be the best thing brands have been doing since introducing recyclable packaging.

As reported by Refinery29, the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year. By 2050, there will be 12 billion tonnes of beauty packaging in landfills. Meanwhile, Food Aware reports that £23 million worth of food is thrown out each year.

These statistics pose a massive problem to the environment. Companies like The Body Shop and REN are stepping up to improve the way we interact with the products we use by introducing 100% recyclable packaging and using more organic materials like carrots in their products, which gives us hope for a cleaner tomorrow.

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This SPF is an example of REN's recyclable packaging, REN, Satin Perfection BB Cream, £31.00

Alternatively, completely new brands are popping up like UpCircle and Beauty Kitchen, encouraging customers to reuse both material and packaging. UpCirle is a particularly unique brand: they collect leftover coffee grounds from coffee shops to formulate into skin care products with coffee oil and grounds such as face serums and soaps. They are also currently looking into utilising leftover avocado stones from restaurants and rose petals from weddings to create more skin care goodies. Likewise, another brand, MontaMonta is using coffee grounds to produce a coffee scrub that is now sold at Liberty London.

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It is an interesting movement worth following, and whilst arguably, Lush was at the bottom of this movement, introducing and educating their customers on ingredient lists and organic beauty long before it was ‘trendy’, this is definitely the right direction to be heading in at the moment and we will be watching what is next for circular beauty. Meanwhile, you can take our quiz to find some personalised matches for your skin!