Solved: 4 Summer Skin Concerns

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Be it the sea or sweat, summer is a sticky time to navigate when it comes to skincare and despite layering on SPF and staying hydrated, the long hours of sunshine and hot weather can take a toll on our skin.

Here are the top 4 most common skin problems and the way we recommend solving them!

Problem: Sunburn Solution: The way to treat sunburn fast is to tackle the problem as soon as you feel it! Put on a cold compress and repeat throughout the day, to reduce inflammation. Make sure to keep your skin moisturised by using creams containing aloe vera or soy. This will help to significantly reduce inflammation and potential peeling!

Problem: Sweat Acne Solution: When it’s hot we begin to sweat and our pores open up and this mix of open pores and sweating can lead to dead skin cells and excess oil clogging your pores and leading to bacteria build-up, causing inflammation in the follicles. This is how sweat pimples are born!

The way to cure them is to invest in a good charcoal cleanser and blotting sheets. This way you will be preventing the oil build-up plus doing damage control by making sure your pores don’t get too clogged!

Problem: Sunspots and discolouration Solution: Using treatments that contain Vitamin C is a necessity when it comes to sunspots. The reason we get sunspots is the discolouration and overproduction of melanin, and Vitamin C cures exactly that, stimulating the production of collagen and helping your skin regenerate itself!

However, depending on where you live, summer may be causing you a whole different set of skin problem and if you have a problem we haven’t mentioned, head over to take our quiz to get a more personalised recommendation!