Eyeliner: How To Keep It Clean, Neat And Precise

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Eyeliner. Both simple, a beginner's trick, and seemingly the most complex thing you've ever been asked to do. Whether winged or simply trying to perfect the timeless kohl rimmed look of edgy 60s beatniks and mythical pharoahs, it's ever so easy to get wrong and mess up. So here are our top tips for eyeliner that will keep you swinging all night long (and during the day too)

1) Relax

"That's not helpful at all", you think as you slowly steady your hand. Don't worry if you don't get it absolutely right. Chances are it's going to rub off a bit over the next few hours and nobody but you will be able to tell your eyeliner isn't even anyway.

2) Use paper or sellotape

So you've decided to go down a more complex route? Maybe you want a slick line of red and a flick of black to really give you that off-duty makeup artist vibe? Well, a good way to do that, and get those sharp lines you crave, is to simply use paper or sellotape to track exactly the geometry you want out of your eyeliner. Hold it up, or stick it in place, and simply follow along the line.

3) Cover and clean

So it went dreadfully wrong... don't panic. Just have some concealer and a makeup wipe to hand and, no matter what happens, you'll be able to rescue your face. Keep calm, gently wipe away the excess, the mess, that angle you weren't going for. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Also, if it's just a tiny fleckle, the smallest smudge offering a slightly grey tone to your skin, don't be afraid of simply dabbing a little bit of concealer and covering up. Nobody will judge you for it and it's all coming off at the end of the day anyway.

enter image description here

4) Keep your pencil sharp and your liquid fresh

Ever tried getting that perfect kittenish cat's eye with a blunt pencil? Why do that to yourself? It won't turn out right, and you'll be slowly swearing as you dab away at your henceforth unintended smokey eye effect. Keep a sharpener handy and the nightmares will be fewer. As for liquid eyeliner, don't struggle with eyeliner that has dried out - you'll press too hard, damaging the delicate skin around the eye and you won't have quite so smooth a line. Chuck it or find a way to get it going properly again.

5) Keep off your waterline

Okay, so it's not a hard and fast rule, and there may be some former teenage emos thinking back with nostalgia on the mid-2000s where they would line their eyes so close to the waterline that they risked jabbing themselves in the eye from the slightest wrong move. Still, it' s a look that wouldn't usually be recommended and safety must come first. It's probably not going to do your eye any favours either, and is a sure way of leading you down the path to a stye. Nobody wants that and all the concealer in the world won't help you!