How To Find The Right Lipstick Shade For Valentines Day

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Whether you’ve bagged the date of your dreams or are opting for a night in, Valentine’s Day is one of the hottest dates in the diary where everyone wants to look and feel their best with no expense spared, and when it comes to obtaining makeup domination for the date in question, I think we can all agree that a reputable red lipstick is the little black dress equivalent to our makeup wardrobe.

Finding the right red hue to compliment your skin tone and lips however is no easy task in itself, after all no two shades of red lipstick are the same which brings me to the conclusion of how can you really find the shade that's right for you?

When it comes to finding a timeless shade which will forever be the string to your bow and your ultimate lifelong companion, there are a few things you need to take into consideration starting with the undertone colours in your skin in order to find the perfect match.

Examining the veins on your wrist is a quick and easy yet infallible way to getting a definitive insight into finding the shade that's right for you. Have a look at your wrist to identify the colour of your veins, are they blue or green? If they’re blue-based, this means you have cool undertones whilst green-based veins signify a warmer tone in the skin.

Cool Undertones

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Fairer complexions which have cool undertones should opt for a more classic red, makeup artist Fiona Stiles, whose regular clients include Halle Berry, Elizabeth Banks, and Paula Patton is particularly a fan of this and says: "If you've got light hair and skin, go for a true red, which has just the teeniest bit of blue in it, that hint of coolness will help downplay any ruddiness in your skin and flatter your complexion the most."

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If you're looking for a classic red to match a more medium skin tone with dark hair makeup artist Fiona Stiles still advises to opt for a blue based red but also recommends trialing a berry shade if you want to go darker with more of a bold finish.

Warm Undertones

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Darker skin tones should lean towards wearing a more orangey-red shade in order to enhance their complexion and get the most of out of a red lipstick. "If you've got light hair and darker skin, try an orange-red," says Fiona. "The warm undertones of the color make your skin look glowy and more golden."

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If you're looking for a shade to suit darker hair and darker skin, an orangey-red is still very much the way to go however a tomato red shade can also work well. "A tomato red with yellow undertones is my perennial favorite, that extra depth adds a little light, so that you don't just have one flat field of color on your lips."