How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winter

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Winter is well and truly here, a time where we are ready to break out the mince pie flavoured lattes, a time for giving to those who may be struggling with the colder months and a time for finding some biodegradable glitter for the office Christmas party. In the midst of all that, it’s sometimes easy to forget about your hair until January comes and you finally see the resulting photos of your wild Saturnalia. The winter is a particularly cruel time for hair: dry, static, limp and generally lacking the luxury and sleekness that makes you the envy of your friends the rest of the year around.

Why? It’s the combination of cold exteriors and warm exteriors, causing fragility and lack of moisture. So how do you take care of your hair to minimise the damaging effects of the unrepenting winter? Well, here are our top 5 hair care tips.

1. Moisturise your hair and scalp with oil

First off, you might want to turn your central heating right down. Not tempting to someone who can afford to pay their heating bills and so enjoys a cosy living situation? Fair enough, but more than the cold, it’s the central heating that is robbing your hair of moisture. So to combat dryness, make sure you’re regularly using hair oil or conditioner or both. Give your strands the care they need, but don’t forget to include the scalp. For many people, the scalp is usually the oiliest part of your mane (for obvious reasons) and can become irritated, flaky and dry. Don’t like dandruff? Then take care of it.

2. Engage in a weekly deep-conditioning hair mask

A weekly hair mask is both the ultimate in hair care - think luxurious argan oils and deep coconut massages - and a wonderful luxury. Take the time to treat your hair well and give credence to the old lie that you can’t go out because you’re washing your hair.

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3. Try dark colours in the autumn and winter If you’re one to regularly bleach your hair, step away. It doesn’t mean you can’t change colours, but try and keep those colours dark - browns and blacks, or even deep mauves and burgundies. Not bleaching or perming will do your hair a world of good and keep it healthy enough that you can go back to your blonde locks by April.

4. Use dry shampoo

Whether it’s because you’ve been keeping your hair under a hat, or because you’ve been trying not to wash your hair too often, there’s always a good reason to carry around a small bottle of dry shampoo. Avoid washing away your natural oils, and apply a small amount to the roots of your dirty of lifeless hair. Not everyone knows that dry shampoo can also open up the hair shaft in a way usual shampoo does not and so give the effect of greater volume.

5. Stay hydrated

Like the rest of your body, a large percentage of your hair is water, though you might not believe it after your most recent bleach job. 25% of your hair is water, and sometimes it’s just better to make sure hydration and moisture is coming from the inside, so give your thirsty locks a break and do your skin some good too and drink 8 glasses of water a day.