How Can I Find Out Which Face Shape I Have?

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As a rule I don’t believe in ‘correcting’ face shapes, this is just a guide on how to make your makeup work for you. To mask or ‘correct’ a face is very old fashioned and best left on Instagram as nobody wants a diagram face!

What Are The Different Types Of Face Shapes?

Face shapes generally fall into four different categories know as: Heart shaped, Round, Square or Oval.

Heart Shaped

Heart shaped faces generally have a wider forehead and a narrow chin Christina Ricci has a good example of a heart shaped face.

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How Should I Enhance A Heart Shaped Face?

With heart shaped faces try to opt for more colour on the lips and cheeks to draw attention away from razor sharp cheekbones, there’s no need to contour either, opt for soft subtle highlights on the cheek bones instead. Keep the brows softly shaped and the eyes minimal and make it all about your lips.

Round Shape

Round shaped faces are usually defined by the forehead and lower face both being the same width and the cheeks being more prominent, Charlize Theron has a good example of a round shaped face.

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How Can I Enhance A Round Face?

This face shape needs lots of soft sculpting to create shape under the cheekbones, onto the temples, below the jawline and into the eye socket. Shape the face with subtle natural tones and softly define the eyes with bronze colours, finish with lots of mascara and a defined brow for a sultry, sexy, sculpted look.


Square shaped faces generally have a more angular jawbone and hairline Jennifer Garner is an ideal example.

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How Can I Enhance A Square Face?

As a square shaped face is very angular it's best to keep the makeup really soft, pretty and feminine, keep eyebrows super soft just brushing up with brow gel and filling in any gaps. Use cream textures on the eyes and cheeks with soft sheer finishes. Stain with lipgloss over the top to create a nice natural finish on the lips. Curl lashes and brush through mascara to keep eyes wide and fluttery. Beige pencil into the water line will help to create a doe eyed pretty look. Keep colours soft and neutral with hints of pink, lilac, silver and pale gold depending on colouring.


Oval shaped faces have the same width forehead and lower face with longer sides a good example of an oval shaped face is Jessica Alba.

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How Can I Enhance An Oval Face?

To create the illusion of a fuller face I would create a full cheek with colour and texture, using a combination of matte texture tan colours depending on colouring. On the apples of the cheek add a pop of colour with a bit of simmer in it. Then highlight the top of the cheekbone and define the eyes to draw more attention to them. Use metallic pencils, in browns, golds, greys, plums, greens and blues, keep the brows tidy and defined.