Marie Antoinette's Beauty Regime In The 21st Century

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Ah, Marie Antoinette. Whether you fell in love with the Coppola film or were simply enraptured by the whole mythology surrounding the woman, there's no doubt she's earnt a reputation in posterity as a woman who cared a great deal about her appearance, style and fashion. As such, there's certainly no shortage of things a 21st century woman can learn from the Queen of France. Read on to learn more of her tips.

1. A good cleanser

Marie Antoinette would begin each day by spraying herself with 'Eau Cosmetique de Pigeon', a cosmetic water, so to speak, actually made from pigeons! This style of cleanser came from Denmark and was made from waterlily juice, melons, cucumbers and lemons, seasoned with briony, wild succory, lily-flowers, borage and beans. So, at this point, it all feels like a delicious meal more than anything else perhaps. At this point the fruity mixture would be mixed with the water of eight stewed pigeons with a bit of sugar and white wine. Sounds appealing, no? Especially as this mixture would have to be let out to distill and stew for over a fortnight to achieve the desired affect.

Fortunately, a woman of the 21st century doesn't have to go to quite such a length to get their cleanser right, but clearly cleanser is important, and time is beauty.

2. A nightly beauty routine

By all accounts, Marie Antoinette had very soft hands because she would sleep every night, wearing gloves filled with wax, rose water, and sweet almond oil to bed. She was also very proud of a her coppery blonde hair and again, every night before sleep, she was known to put a mixture of saffron, turmeric, sandalwood and rhubarb on her hair so that the strawberry blonde colour would stay rich and moisturised. You might think that she would have worn wigs all the time, but actually, when she received guests in private, she was more likely to have her natural hair on display, and so would desire a beautiful, natural hair colour.

As a 21st century woman, you know the importance of moisturising, skin as well as hair, before bed. Perhaps not every night, but remember, a nightly beauty routine is significant in adding to the takeaway from your beauty sleep!

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3. Rouge

Marie Antoinette, and many other women of the 18th century, would not have worn a great deal of makeup, but rouge was the most important and very popular as both a cheek and lip enhancement. At the time, it was fashionable for ewomen to have pale skin, since it was a sign of wealth and rouge was considered sensual as well as giving the face a quite healthy glow. Rouge was made with everything from carmine, which was crushed insects, to red lead, cinnabar, and mercury ore... almost all of which were dangerous.

Today, a woman doesn't have to risk her life, and lungs, for a favourite shade of rouge, but they can certainly take a leaf out of Marie Antoinette's book and try a hybrid dual colour on both cheeks and lips.

4. Big hair is the way forward!

During the 18th century, big hair was all the rage. Using everything from wigs, piling fruits, boats and other ornaments to actually building complication contraptions to built the hair around, Marie Antoinette knew the benefits of making her hair stand out.

Nowadays, you can achieve volume and height with everything from hair gel to hair rats and hair extensions. Take a leaf out the Rococo playbook and make a crown out of your locks.