Meryl Streep's Beauty Secret That Doesn't Cost A Penny

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Meryl Streep, the lead of The Devil Wears Prada, doesn’t actually use any products on her face. Being an actress with 21 Academy Award nominations and 3 Academy Awards, it couldn’t have been a stress-free job however, approaching her 70s, the world-famous actress doesn’t look a day over 40.

How does she do it? Turns out, her youthful skin is nothing but a dollop of awareness and two pumps of self-care.

“At Meryl Streep’s dinner party after filming Iron Lady, we were chatting and Meryl confessed that her one beauty secret is just not touching her face,” says Fi Clover, journalist.

This simple advice goes a long way and is actually one of the best things you could be doing to prevent infections, breakouts and premature wrinkles.

“Repeatedly touching your face can spread bacteria and cause infections,” says Dr Nicole Chiang, owner of Dr Nicole Dermatology in Manchester. “If you have acne, touching your face can make the condition worse and picking your skin can cause spots, leading to more skin problems later on in life."

Dr Chiang also warned that rubbing the skin can result in pigmentation and wrinkles.

Along with following these basic rules, Meryl, reportedly, stays out of the sun and limits the amount of alcohol she drinks to keep her skin glowing and youthful, since the sun damages your skin's ability to regenerate itself.

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