What Is Glycolic Acid And Should I Be Using It?

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The supreme element to superacids is something that’s currently taking the skin care isles by a storm. From the likes of Glycolic Acid to Salicylic Acid to Hyaluronic Acid, there’s a lot to be discussed to each of these skin friendly acids and when it comes to the question of skin satisfaction, each of these A star acids perk skin complexions up like never before.

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What Is Glycolic Acid?

Whilst you've probably seen the term of Glycolic Acid plastered on a cleansing bottle, how many of us actually know what Glycolic Acid is or what it stands for in skin care regime?

Glycolic Acid is formed of a group of chemicals called alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which also make up the likes of lactic and citric acid. Each of these acids can also often be referred to as a fruit acids due to them being naturally derived from sugar cane, which makes them even more of an intriguing ingredient for the skin.

As well being a natural substance Glycolic Acid is also water-soluble ingredient which makes it a popular choice for numerous beauty products including cleansers, toners and serums, meaning that it can be absorbed in the pores before working it’s magic.

How Can Glycolic Acid Help My Skin?

If you suffer from the likes of dry skin, blemishes, blackheads or fine lines and wrinkles Glycolic Acid can in fact be the winning ingredient you need in your routine, due to its hard working formulation which is tough enough to penetrate through to the epidermis layer, yet gentle enough to also restore PH harmony in the skin.

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What Can I Do To Increase The Amount Of Glycolic Acid In My Skin?

Just like many other super ingredients, Glycolic Acid is available in various forms and concentrations for the skin, such as lower dosages found in products or cleansers and a higher concentration in masks or chemical peels. If you trialing Glycolic Acid in your regime for the first time it's best to start off with a low dosage to begin with to gently ease your skin into it.

Malin + Goetz

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Malin + Goetz have continuously been a long term favourite when it comes to finding a product which contains a superacid formula and we're pleased to say their Glycolic Acid Pads, $52 are no exception. Formulated with 10% Glycolic Acid these highly effective cleansing pads are suitable for all skin types to ease skin into the introduction of Glycolic Acid without any irritating after effects, for super smooth radiant skin.