What Is Probiotic Beauty And Should I Be Using It In My Skin Care?

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The use of probiotic supplements are best known for their contributing benefits to our digestive system and overall well being, but in more recent years they’ve been given the green light for their use in skin care and the optimum hair benefits they offer.

However when it comes to detailing exactly how probiotics play a part in our beauty regime the majority of us are still in the dark. We spoke to Marie Drago who is the founder of probiotic beauty brand Gallinée to find out what probitoic beauty is exactly and whether we should be using it in our regime.

'Probiotic beauty generally means the use of beauty products which contain probiotics,' says Marie. 'Probiotics are a safe and extremely useful ingredient, as they have interesting anti-inflammatory properties and help with sensitive skin, dry sign and signs of ageing. At Gallinée we are also are big fans of prebiotics, which feed selectively the good bacteria on your skin and hence can help balance the bad ones, such as the acne bacteria.'

In terms of just how safe probiotics are they can in fact be used everyday on the skin and when it comes to tackling severe skin concerns such as eczema probiotics are deemed to be a winning ingredient. Marie adds 'A lot of scientific studies at the moment are looking how probiotics can help cure eczema. We now think that Eczema is linked to an overgrowth of one type of bacteria, Staph, aureus. By helping balance the right kind of bacteria on skin, for example with probiotics, we could act on the very cause of eczema.'

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So what's next for probiotic beauty? Marie tells us 'More and more you might hear about microbiome beauty, which I see as the next step, where specifically formulated products help develop your own skin bacteria thanks to mixes of pro, pre and post biotics.'