We Asked An Expert: When Is The Right Time To Combat Cellulite Before A Holiday

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Cellulite is quite openly the bane of all problems for 90% of women in the Western world, yet it is also one of the trickiest conditions to treat and for good reason too.

Devised by the combination of excessive fat accumulation, skin laxity, scar tissue and water retention on the deeper layers of the skin, it is no wonder that a lot of hard - and smart - work is required to reduce cellulite.

As body regimes go many sufferers only start working on their cellulite reduction plan just a few weeks before the summer holidays. As a result, they aim for fast results and quick fixes, which never really work. No quick fix has ever produced long - term results in any aspect of skin care.

Knowing that consumers want quick fixes salons, clinics and skin care manufacturers aim to provide such results or better still, to just claim quick fix miracles. The end result is hype, misinformation and the inevitable disappointment, only for the cycle to repeat itself next year and the year after.

However, there is another way which involves starting your cellulite reduction effort quite early on, as early as the winter before, in order to be ready for the summer.

Cellulite Treatments

Due to the mass of quick fix products and treatments available many women believe that one, two or even three cellulite treatments are enough, but that could not be further from the truth. Experience with thousands of clients has shown that even with the strongest anti - cellulite technology possible, at least six sessions are needed for good long - term results, with twelve sessions being ideal for the more severe cases. The stories about “with our XYZ treatment you only need one or two sessions” are just pure fantasy.

Diet And Exercise

The same applies to diet and exercise. You cannot expect to eradicate cellulite which has been building up in the background for the last ten years, with a two week juice detox. Yes, a juice fast is a good start and will also make you feel good about yourself, but it is not nearly enough. How about a six month healthy eating plan instead, which does not require huge amounts of self discipline, hunger and fainting episodes? Similarly, you cannot expect to tone your body in three weeks, no matter how many interval classes you do per week in the run-up to holiday. For both cellulite fat reduction and skin toning, time, plenty of it, is also needed. The body does not change overnight.

Start Early To Avoid Disappointment

So my advice is, start as early as you can - even before you book your summer getaway. It doesn’t matter if you are thrown off course for a few days on the odd weekend. Book a course of six or twelve sessions of the strongest and best cellulite treatment you can find in your area, get started on a vigorous exercise regime, involving HIIT, interval running, spinning, fast swimming, fast uphill walking and power plate (or ideally all of the above!)

Get started with vegetable juicing, loads of salad and lean protein and reduced carbs, fat, alcohol, did I also mention cigarettes and the contraceptive pill can also be contributing factors to cellulite too? With time on your side, you will get maximum results with a minimum amount of stress.