The 10 Step K - Beauty Routine For All Skin Types

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Koreans are famous for their flawless dreamlike skin, which is not only enhanced by daily care and protection from environmental aggressors, but also a 10 step skin care regime.

This routine is very popular and favored by women all over the world, especially in Asia, where women are always looking for a perfect complexion. The steps to a Korean skin care routine are often referred to as layering or multi-layer skin care, in order of the products thinnest to thickest consistencies, to ensure the skin is moisturised and protected perfectly.

Step 1: Makeup Removal

The first step of a Korean cleansing routine is to use specialised oils or waxes to remove makeup. Upon contact with the skin the liquid oil will thoroughly wipe sunscreen, makeup and dirt away from the pores. These oils and waxes also work perfectly to wipe away stubborn mascara or lipstick without drying the skin.

Step 2: Cleanse

After removing your makeup with the step 1 phase, it’s best to follow this up with a second cleansing routine for any remnants that are still on the skin. I would recommended using a mild foam bubble cleanser with the 2 - 2 - 4 rule (2 minutes for removing makeup, 2 minutes for cleansing and 4 minutes for flushing) to leave the skin clean and dry.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to prevent the formation of blackheads, aid with blemishes and increase skin luminosity. However if you have sensitive skin, you should only exfoliate once a week. If your skin is healthy, otherwise three times a week for normal skin is fine.

Step 4: Tone

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After completing the cleansing and exfoliation steps, it's a good idea to balance the pH levels in the skin, which a toner can help with. Toners are considered as a padding step in the skin care process, which can balance, soothe the skin and help the skin to absorb the better the nutrients from the following steps.

Unlike most toners from European or American cosmetics companies which often include alcohol, Korean toners are usually mild and alcohol - free. If you follow 10 step skin care routine, you should use toners which include natural ingredients from Korea, this can either be a spray on toner or a toner which you apply to cotton wool.

Step 5: Sheet Mask

Korean beauty is famous for multiple kinds of effective sheet masks which offer diversified benefits from extra hydration, moisture, nourishing substances to exfoliating, and peeling blackheads. I would say if you're following a strict K Beauty regime you should apply a sheet masks 2 - 3 times a week or as often as your skin requires. You will see your face becomes much smoother and clearer in no time.

Step 6: Eye Cream

Our skin starts to begin the ageing process from our mid 20’s which is why it’s a good idea to start an anti ageing as soon as possible to prolong a youthful appearance. The first place to show signs of ageing are around the eyes, due to the skin being more delicate which means it is easy for wrinkles or dark circles to form. Use a finger to apply the eye cream to your skin with a gentle massage motion to minimise damage to the eyes.

Step 7: Serum

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A lot of people often think that applying a moisturiser will solve every skin issue but this couldn't be further from the truth. Serums, essences, and oils are concentrated skin care products that contain the right amount of nutrients to focus on specific skin problems such as coloring, aging, acne, etc. This is the key to the beautiful skin without blemishes, creating a clear turning point from the first use.

You can use a variety of serums depending on your skin care requirements. This is a step which may not be applicable for everyone and therefore can be tailored to each individual skin type, you may need only one type of serum but you can apply 2 - 3 types if you want.

You should keep a 5 minute gap between applying different products to allow the products to completely absorb in your skin. Use your fingers to apply the products and gently your face to help the nutrients absorb to the skin better.

Step 8: Treat

Even with a strict K - Beauty regime not all of us are fortunate enough to have perfect skin without any detects. So most people need at least one specific product to handle identifies such as acne, bruise, scars, freckles, etc. Choose a suitable product for your skin to help you sweep all mistakes on your face. After this step, take 15 - 30 minutes to rest to balance the natural pH level before applying anything else.

Step 9: Moisturise

Applying cream or emulsion is also an important step in Korean skin care. It acts like a moisturising membrane, which helps to retain nutrients from all previous steps and prevent moisture loss in the skin. For people with dry and peeling skin, a thicker and richer textured moisturiser is recommended. For people with oily skin with acne, it is better to use gel moisturiser containing oil - free components.

Step 10: Sleep Mask

Sleeping masks are last and final step which help to moisturise, brighten, protect, regenerate skin throughout a long night. You can use a sleeping mask 2 - 3 times a week or apply it daily if you feel the need to.

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